Gut Reaction: Brewers 17, Mets 6 (5/26/18)

On a day where things started out good for the New York Mets, they got absolutely destroyed by the Brewers 17-6.

Although the final score may something completely different, the game began quite well for the Mets. They built an early 3-0 lead in the first inning of the game, and it seemed that this would be a great day for the team. Even after starter Jason Vargas allowed the Brewers to tie the game in the bottom of the inning, Brandon Nimmo put the Mets ahead 4-3 in the top of the second with a solo home run.

Things continued to fall apart for Vargas in the bottom of the third however. After Michael Conforto homered to put the Mets ahead 5-3 in the top of the inning, Vargas allowed another two runs to make the game 5-5. After his last start, in which he went five shutout innings, Vargas got ripped apart and only lasted three innings. My Gut Reaction is that Vargas’s good start was merely a fluke, and that he will soon be receiving the Matt Harvey DFA treatment.

Vargas was not the only one to blame for the blowout though. After he left, the train wreck that is the bullpen stepped into the game, and allowed the Brewers to blow the game wide open. The crew of Jacob Rhame, AJ Ramos, and Chris Flexen combined for eight runs over 3.2 innings. The guys showed that not only was their stuff not up to par, but they could not locate the ball whatsoever. It was especially disturbing to see Ramos continue to struggle after he handed the win to the Brewers via the walk-off walk the night before.

The only reliever who did not give up a run was Jerry Blevins, who pitched the last 1.1 innings of the game and even got the rare at bat in the loss. Games like raise the question of why Vargas is in the rotation, but not Seth Lugo? Lugo has undoubtedly had a better season, and has shown that he is able to get batters out at a consistent rate. With the bullpen struggling, it puts even more pressure on the starters to go deeper into games, something manager Mickey Callaway is not very fond of.

While this game was horrific to watch, we need to keep our heads up. After dropping two straight, we still have the opportunity to split a series with the best team in the National League.

Trying to earn that split at 2:10 pm tomorrow will be Zack Wheeler, who takes the mound against Jhoulys Chacin.

8 comments for “Gut Reaction: Brewers 17, Mets 6 (5/26/18)

  1. May 26, 2018 at 8:30 pm

    I used to be a Sandy apologist, and I’ll always be thankful for 2015, but I can no longer defend him. The Bruce and Vargas signings were awful though no one could have foreseen them being this bad , and the Ramos trade has been a disaster , and Sandy hired another half wit manager in Callaway. Whatever the opposite of the Midas touch is Callaway has it. I know Sandy is handcuffed by the Wilpons but there’s really no excuse to spend nearly thirty mil on Bruce, Vargas and Ramos talk about a terrible use of funds.

    This team is a rough watch and the four game win streak win streak said much more about the Diamondbacks than the Mets. Watching Nimmo break out is a joy as is watching Syndergaard and deGrom and Cabrera has been great and Conforto is getting back in gear but there’s not a ton here beyond those guys and Gsellman, Rosario and Lugo.

    We could be looking another long and ugly number of years while the Yankees, Braves and Phillies rule the baseball world.

    I feel bad for Chris Flexen who was called up last year after making seven starts above A ball and got crushed and this year got called up wasn’t used for ten days and got crushed.

    Hey Jose Reyes had a double today so Jeff Wilpon will force Sandy to keep Reyes around even longer.

    • May 27, 2018 at 9:20 am

      wilpons sell the friggin team already. let somebody make a decent team out of this mess

  2. TJ
    May 26, 2018 at 8:51 pm

    I saw the Mets force the Brewer starter to throw 46 pitches in the top of the 1st for a 3-0 lead. I then watched Vargas give it all back by walking 2 of the first 3 batters he faced, promptly turned off the game, and moved on to other things.

    Once again, somehow the Mets have amassed another handful of unwatchable pitchers. And this season, injuries are not to blame. It is hard to believe they can follow up 2017 with another brutal season, but the evidence sure is pointing in that direction.

  3. TexasGusCC
    May 26, 2018 at 9:03 pm

    Before today, Blevins pitched 8.1 innings in 21 games. He faced 38 hitters, in 21 games. That’s awful management. While his stuff hasn’t been crisp, why isn’t he at least getting the rope Ramos is getting?

    And, having those two, a security blanket (be it Oswalt, Flexen, or Conlin) and/or Robles, shortens the bullpen to usable pitchers and then hurts the bench by having extra bullpen guys and a second catcher that won’t play unless it’s an emergency. Reyes isn’t “the” problem. “The” problem is having too many Gonzalez/Bruce/Bautista guys that aren’t flexible, and a bad mix of pitchers in the bullpen.

    • May 26, 2018 at 9:08 pm

      They have a four man bench and a nostalgia act is part of it only because Jeff Wilpon likes him.

    • Michael
      May 26, 2018 at 9:40 pm

      You are being way too kind to Blevins. The guy is making $7 million and he can’t get lefties out. He has been God awful this year.
      With that said, how do they count his number of innings pitched? Say he comes in tomorrow to face a lefty and walks him, then exits. Would the 8.1 IP go to 8.2 or remain the same?

      • Michael
        May 26, 2018 at 9:56 pm

        Never mind. Just figured it out. After all these years of watching baseball I just realized that IP is rather meaningless when it comes to relievers.

  4. Mike Walczak
    May 26, 2018 at 10:23 pm

    When you go and shop at a junk store, all you will find is junk.

    Reyes, Bruce, Gonzalez, Vargas, Bautista.

    The farm system is barren.

    Who is to blame for all of this? It is the GM.

    No more excuses, Alderson needs to go.

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