How the New York Mets, Cheyenne’s Nimmo came to a deal

I was looking to see if I could find the scout responsible for selecting Brandon Nimmo and came across this account of how it went down to the wire to get him signed.

Chad MacDonald only requested one thing of Brandon Nimmo when the two met one week before the signing deadline.

“I said, ‘Whatever your decision is, I’ll be respectful of it, but I want to hear it from your voice. We drafted you, we didn’t draft your mom and dad,'” the Mets’ director of scouting recalled of that trip to the Nimmo’s family home in Cheyenne.

“And I think the world of his mom and dad, they’re terrific people and they’ve been terrific parents. I like his agent, I like that firm, they’re good guys, but I didn’t draft them either.

“We drafted him, so I just asked him, ‘Hey, one way or the other, I want to hear it from you.’ And he said, ‘I agree.'”

Source: Clint Robus, Casper Star-Tribune

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