Just got back from vacation and I’ve got nothing. After driving home from the beach, immediately turned around and took my son out to an Open Jam. On the drive home, he decided he wanted to do a new song, so he got the lyrics down to “Basket Case” and when we got home, he practiced for a little bit to get the guitar part down. And then this kid we’ve been trying to make contact with about joining the boys as a drummer finally showed up, so we have first time playing the song with the first time playing with this drummer. I thought it worked out pretty well.

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  • Eraff

    Well Done!!!!!

    I’ve started several of My Nephews on Guitar…..my own boys had minor interest. Anyway, as young teens with 6 months of steady playing (and Zero Math Homework!!!), they became great players.

    Playing in Bands was about the closest thing I’ve experienced to Playing on Sports Teams…Prep through Performance. All of the same elements of hard work and teamwork—and plenty “Hey!!!!—Look at Me!!!!!!”

    Good Stuff!!!!

    • Brian Joura

      Thanks Eraff!

      Were you a guitar player, too? What did you play?

  • Chris F

    Thats the best “Mets” news Ive seen in some time.

    Scouting gives that a 60.

    Music choice 70.

    Overall 65. Top 3 in first round.

    • Brian Joura

      Thanks Chris! Nice to see scouting grades on a blog about the Mets that high.

  • Mike Walczak

    Thanks for sharing. My son played in a band like this in his teens. It was a lot of fun for him and his friends.

    • Brian Joura

      Thanks, Mike! The boys are living the life right now.

  • TJ

    Very cool and what an appropriate titled song for a Met fan.

    • Brian Joura

      Thanks TJ! I’d like to say I planned that but that wouldn’t be true.

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