With a new GM and a flurry of trade and free agent rumors, it appears that the roster of Mets players that arrive in Port St. Lucie late winter will be a lot different than the group that arrived last year. As Jerry Seinfeld once said, we root for the laundry. That said, there are some players I hope to never see in a Mets uniform. Chief among them is Bryce Harper. I know he’s got talent but I just have a nagging feeling that he’s the reason the talented Nationals team never advanced past the division series. He strikes me as one of those 24+1 players that hurts clubhouse morale and gets coaches fired. Am I alone in this thinking?

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  • Aging Bull

    I’ve been reading some posts on Mariner sites to see what their local take is. The general consensus seems to be “too good to be true.” The are salivating over Kelenic. They seem also to believe that Dunn and McNeil are also part of the deal. There’s a bit of “why would the Mets do this deal?” as well.

    I don’t follow this author, so I don’t know his biases or if he’s credible, but I like his take on this trade.


    What I do like is that BVW is willing to make some moves.

  • Metsense

    I agree with you Matt. Harper and Machado are 2 players that are 24 Plus one players. Too much money to spend for that type of player and their attitude.

    In regard to that open thread, today the Mets have to decide on the fate of Travis and Flores. I think they should non-tender both. Travis because his injury and salary. Flores because of his salary and he no longer has a position with the emergence of Alonzo and McNeil. They can use the 8.5 million toward a free agent.

  • John Fox

    Aside from Harper’s personality, I would have concerns about his swing, which could be categorized as violent. It’s like he’s trying to hit a tape-measure shot almost every time, and I would think that swing might translate to a shorter career.

  • Eraff

    Machado is a Great Fit Here…a very long term Skill Set and a RH Infield Bat.

    I’d like them to sign him for 4 years/35-40 per. …maybe a 5th year option.

    This lets both the player and the team focus on a winnable time envelope…an overpay in that envelope works, in my mind. It also preserves the forward ability of Machado to remarket himself when he’s 30,,,and to choose a spot to play and compete for championships

  • David Klein

    Giving up two top 100 prospects for a guy that pitches 65 innings per year is insanity.

  • David Klein

    Totally disagree with Matt on Harper and when you sound like Steve Phillips that a bad thing.

  • Bob

    I do not want Harper in a Met uniform. I do not think he helps us and ties up to many dollars. I like the thought of Diaz in NY but we don’t have a lot of talent in the minors and to trade McNeil, Kelenic and Dunn for a 36 year old 2b just doesn’t sit right with me. We still haven’t solved the 3b, catcher issue.

    • Eric Bloom

      McNeil will be the 3b now.

  • Brian Joura

    Andy Martino – “Roughly $60 mil headed Mets way in current incarnation of deal. Players, again, are Cano/Diaz for Bruce, Bautista, Swarzak, Dunn. Kelenic.”

  • Chris F

    Im ok with spending chips if there is a plan that rings of “all in”. Maybe we are there, or at least have the ship pointing into the right direction.

    My concern is this: Kelenic has a lot of potential value, and could be used for a much more utilitarian player. The Mets have a number of holes to fill – on MLB radio an indifferent industry type said 5 positions, which I think is close, and instead of addressing such a need, we see spending a real chip for the most mercurial of all players: a closer which may play in 60 innings out of 1500 for a season. Not sure I get that, and doubly so with Cano. They better be getting Seattle to eat more than 1/2 of the money *and* all of Bruce and Swarzak.

    • Name

      Unless this is a trade and release situation like the Braves did with A-Gon last year, i hate it because of Cano. And if it is, then of course it’s not worth it. I hope other fans are not willing to forgive and accept him.

    • TJ


  • Pete from NJ

    I would be happy with the trade if there was less Seattle money involved so that Kelenic stays in the organization.

    Maybe I’m brainwashed hearing over and over again how the Met’s minor league system is weak and here we go sending prospects for value and a salary/position dump(Bruce).

    I would love to be at the table during these negotiations. Makes me want to go to a car dealer and buy a Ford F150.

  • Mike Walczak

    With all of this talk about trading Syndergaard, Van Wagenen has to have inside information that he doesnt like. As his former agent, he has more knowledge about the player than anybody. Maybe it is that Syndergaard stated that there was no way that he was going to sign an extension and wanted to hit the open market after the 20 season.

    We all think it is crazy to trade Syndergaard, but maybe Van Wagenen with his intimate knowledge is right.

  • Chris F

    fascinating list of non-tenders…a number that have been talked about here as potential trade targets: Boxberger, Billy Hamilton, Chris Owings…and Flores.

  • José

    Here’s a thought: in 1999 and 2002, Randy Johnson
    1. Pitched a total of 531.2 innings (led NL both years),
    2. Struck 698 batters total (led NL both years),
    3. Won a pair of NL Cy Young awards.

    In his career, Craig Kimbrel has pitched a total of 532.2 innings, and struck out…

    868 batters!!!!

    • Mr_Math

      What a thoughtful remark!

      It’s been a great pleasure reading your posts, José (if, indeed, that’s actually your name)

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