The Phillies rode the pitching of Jake Arrieta and the power of solo homers to earn a 3-2 win over the Mets Wednesday afternoon and take the rubber match of their three-game series.

Arrieta was in complete command throughout, getting Mets players to continually beat the ball in the ground, including three GDPs to snuff out potential rallies. The only hiccup was a gopher ball to Michael Conforto for the Mets’ first run.

Zack Wheeler did not pitch bad and went deep into the game, giving the Mets seven solid innings. He gave up a scratch run in the second inning, one that perhaps wouldn’t have scored if the umpire didn’t blow a strike call to Makiel Franco, who ended up getting a sac fly for the game’s first run.

But any chance of blaming the outcome on the umps went out the window when Wheeler gave up two solo homers.

The Mets made it interesting in the ninth, as they pushed across a run (charged to Arrieta, who was removed after giving up a leadoff infield single) and had the bases loaded with two outs. But Keon Broxton struck out to end the game. Broxton now has a .200/.294/.200 line in 33 PA and has to be under consideration now for a demotion once Todd Frazier and Jed Lowrie return.

9 comments on “Gut Reaction: Phillies 3, Mets 2 (4/17/19)

  • Name

    “Broxton now has a .200/.294/.200 line in 33 PA and has to be under consideration now for a demotion once Todd Frazier and Jed Lowrie return.”

    If you are concerned with depth and losing Broxton, who does not have options left, Lagares actually has an option remaining.

  • Brian Joura

    I’m not concerned with losing Broxton. Sure, he looks like a ballplayer but the results since late 2016 have not been good

  • Mike Koehler

    I’d be less worried about Broxton and more worried about TdA. Batting average is atrocious and killed a potential rally earlier with a double-play.

  • rick

    Ummm….what was that comment Broken Van Wagon wheel said..? “Come get us?” They are! And the other comment…”our pitching is the best in the majors?” Oh…and the best one, (about Harper and Machado) “they’re not our kind of ball player.” Interesting. I can’t wait to hear what he or the Moron, Callaway have to say next. I love how the guys on the FAN 101.9 make an ass out of Calloway!

  • Eraff

    With our Lefties averaging an out per week combined, I have bigger worries than preserving options on Broxton.

    Wheeler’s second straight good outing against a good lineup in a Band Box is a Silvger Lining.

    • TJ


  • Metsense

    Gut reaction :this was a tough loss but it was a well-played game. The winner of these types of games will win the division. Chalk up one for the Phillies. That at bat by Broxton will be remembered come September. He needed to deliver but I don’t fault him because the Phillies were better today. It concerns me more that now three times the Mets couldn’t win the deciding game of the series ( the Braves ended in a split).

  • José

    Despite any desire to not sound like a one-trick pony (pardon the mixed metaphor):

    K1 + K2 = 2019 WS Title!¹

    ¹This “equation” is mathematician-approved, that is, once you “add” Metsies to both sides of the equation

  • Charles Hangley

    My gut reaction: Wheeler was good, Arietta was better. Sure could have used Nimmo to PH with the bases loaded in the ninth, too, but alas…

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