We’ve now faced every team in the NL East. The scariest bat is Anthony Rendon. I just can’t root against Curtis Granderson, even in another uniform. The Phillies look legit. The Braves have holes. The Nats need bullpen help desperately.

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  • Brian Joura

    Here’s the link for last night’s podcast with Jon Springer, where we discussed Mickey Callaway, Robinson Cano, Dominic Smith and more. Jon’s crazy prediction was immediately certified by me as crazy but mine didn’t reach the threshold for him.


    • MattyMets

      Great podcast, guys. Listened on my way into work and made my commute a little more tolerable. You guys are awfully tough on Todd Frazier. He’s a good clubhouse guy and a defensive upgrade over Davis at third. If/when the entire infield is healthy at once we might have to trade or dump him though.

      BVW wanted to eliminate ifs and there were questions about Davis, McNeil, Alonso and Smith entering the off-season. None has ever produced over a long period. No one could have guessed that all four would pan out.

      Also no one would have guessed that our simpleton manager would turn a 5-position player like Davis into a part-time third basman.

      • Brian Joura

        Thanks for the kind words!

        I don’t mean to be tough on Frazier. I was 100% in favor of his signing and it worked out great the first month of last year. Then he got hurt and it all fell to pieces. Maybe it could have worked out great here in 2019 but then he got hurt again.

        The fates can be cruel.

  • MattyMets

    Brian, (and Jon if you’re reading) that’s the first time a Mets360 podcast made me laugh out loud like that. Jon’s way of describing 2018 Dom Smith as sleepy eyed and dopey and your response about the nickname jersey weekend was priceless.

  • MattyMets

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