The State of Pitchers Hitting

A broad smile spread across Phillies pitcher Zach Eflin’s face as he considered the question: if he got 600 at-bats a season, the same as the position players, what kind of production could he provide the Philadelphia lineup?

“I’ll give you a dream answer,” Eflin said, standing in front of his locker after a recent home game. “And that’s be .280 with 30 [home runs]. And 120 [RBIs]. How about that?”


Then there’s Tigers reliever Shane Greene. He gave up hitting a long time ago, and it wasn’t by choice.

“I was told as a sophomore in high school that I was no longer allowed to hit because I wasn’t good enough,” Greene said. “So I didn’t get in the box against live pitching again until I was in the big leagues. I have seven ABs, and I’ve struck out five times.”

Source: Howard Megdal, The Hardball Times

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