Mets Minors: Mets swing for fences with Matthew Allan pick

Before the 2019 Draft it was stated in this forum that this draft would set the tone for Brodie Van Wagenen and the hope was that the Mets would be aggressive in a push to rebuild their system. It’s difficult to imagine the Mets being more aggressive than they were, as they essentially punted picks four through 10 in order to get slot-level or above talents in the first three rounds of the draft.

Brett Baty, 3B – Rating #17 (Groveman’s Grade: B)

A player known as “Brett the Met” seemed like a solid choice for the Mets who passed on a college pitcher who I had expected them to take, in Jackson Rutledge. Baty has a very good combination of power, contact and patience at the plate. While he isn’t the best third baseman with limited range, his arm is plenty powerful enough to make the throws across the diamond. (He can managed a 92 mile per hour fastball) Scouts believe he should be able to stick at the third base position and, if not, move across the diamond to first base.

Josh Wolf, RHP – Rating #36 (Groveman’s Grade: A)

Looking at where the Met’s second pick was I did not think a pitcher of this caliber would still be on the table. Like Baty brings a mix of power and contact, Wolf brings a mix of power and control. He throws his fastball in the 90-97 mile per hour range and also brings a Plus curveball with a 12-6 break. He’ll need to work on his changeup to make it as a starter but there are already signs that the pitch might have some depth to it. He may even be able to add some velocity as he puts on some additional muscle.

Matthew Allan, RHP – Rating #13 (Groveman’s Grade: A+)

Another high school pitcher who can throw 97 mile per hour heat, Allan may be a huge risk for the Mets to actually sign. He pitches with an assortment of fastball, power curve (rated Plus) and changeup (rated above average) and was expected to be taken in the front half of the first round. In fact, nobody would have blinked if the Mets selected Allan with the 12th overall pick. Instead the Mets will need to hold their breath as the question of signability will be one that could come to haunt them.

Jake Magnum, OF – Rating #171 (Groveman’s Grade: C)

This is the third time that a New York team will have drafted Magnum. The Mets and Yankees have both previously used late round picks on Magnum who chose to stay in college both times. The Mets are likely looking to save some money to spend on the marquee talents that they grabbed in the first three rounds in the draft, but Magnum does offer things the Mets need. He has a solid contact approach with a good eye and the speed to steal some bases. He also should have the ability to play anywhere in the outfield they need him to.

The rest of the draft was fairly meaningless with the Mets looking to get players with little to no bargaining power so that they can afford to sign their top three players. That being said, if they can sign all three this was a fantastic draft. If they can’t… well… there’s always next year.

Syracuse Mets

Matt Kemp added to stable of has-been talent – He’s well past his prime but I recall a time that I once wanted him on the Mets. Guess that makes me old.

Stephen Nogosek will likely see the majors this year – With the Met bullpen looking less than ideal you have to imagine a reliever whose WHIP is under 1.00 is on the radar.

Binghamton Rumble Ponies

This has been a wasted season for Andres Gimenez – A .638 OPS is bad enough and now Gimenez is on the IL after getting hit on the hand with a pitch.

Anthony Kay continues to have a breakout year – His latest start, 5.1 IP with 3 Hits, 2 Walks and 9 strikeouts.

Will Toffey is making a charge – Would be nice to see more power but he’s hitting .321 over his last 10 games and has his OPS above .750 for the year.

St. Lucie Mets

Jeremy Vasquez belongs in AA – He’s been a consistently solid contributor all season and seems to have nothing left to prove at this level.

Tony Dibrell needs more control – He’s had success and is getting close to 9 strikeouts per 9 innings but he’s walking far too many batters for prolonged success.

Alright, let’s talk about Carlos Cortes – He’s only 5’7” but the second baseman has enough power and speed to be on the fringes of the prospect radar. Having 19 extra base hits in 58 games isn’t too bad.

Columbia Fireflies

Ronny Mauricio continues to get base hits – We hope that power, speed and patience will someday make themselves apparent. He’s now batting .293 on the year but his OBP and SLG are really sad considering.

Shervyen Newton is starting to hit – He may have hit over .300 (for the past 10 games) but he’s still striking out more than once a game.

Simeon Woods Richardson finally bounces back – His 5.0 inning outing with 0 hits, 1 walk and 8 strikeouts is his first good outing since April.

Wagner Lagrange having a quietly productive year – He’s doing enough to earn a promotion to Advanced A at the end of the season.

Willy Taveras is a candidate for promotion – He’s among the best pitchers on the Fireflies and seems ready to take the next step.


Freddy Valdez is off to a superstar start – After the Mets gave him a big bonus, it’s nice to see Valdez off to such a strong and powerful start. He’s 6 games into the young season and already has 2 doubles and 2 home runs.

9 comments for “Mets Minors: Mets swing for fences with Matthew Allan pick

  1. TexasGusCC
    June 10, 2019 at 10:16 am

    The time to promote Kay is now. He has been rolling in Binghamton and you want to promote him when he’s going good.

    A few years back, Conforto also was a bad defender. I like that Baty is a premium bat, and I’d start him in left field.

  2. LongTimeFan1
    June 10, 2019 at 12:12 pm

    Mauricio isn’t fast. Rated a 40/80 on MLB Pipeline.. It’s possible training and hard work results in average to slightly above average foot speed by the time he reaches the majors, but to currently imply he’s fast, just isn’t accurate.

    As for signing their top four draftees, I believe they will. It’s unlikely they select these players if they couldn’t.

    Furthermore, there are some solid draftees among those they selected in later rounds. To claim the rest of the draft was meaningless, is in my opinion, rather inaccurate.. They’ve already signed #’s 5-10, and others – some quality players among them.

    • June 10, 2019 at 6:01 pm

      Those guys they signed were college seniors with zero leverage. They picked them because of this reason and the fact that they signed already was completely expected.

      Anyone good enough to be drafted is a quality player. The likelihood of any of the guys drafted after their third pick good enough to be an MLB regular is very low. If they end up signing 25 guys from rounds 4 and later – those 25 guys combined together will probably have fewer MLB PA than Juan Lagares has to date.

  3. Mike Walczak
    June 10, 2019 at 4:22 pm

    Kay is helped by a .222 BABIP. Dont rush him.

    • TexasGusCC
      June 10, 2019 at 8:08 pm

      Mike, we’re rushing him. He just got promoted with Gilliam.

      • June 11, 2019 at 8:01 am

        I can’t fathom why you think they’re rushing Kay when he’s being promoted after putting up a 1.49 ERA in 12 starts.

        If you want to say they’re rushing someone, say that about Gilliam. He started the year in SLU and then was promoted to BNG, where he put up a 4.34 ERA in 18.2 IP. And now they’re promoting him to Triple-A?!? There’s your rush job.

        • TexasGusCC
          June 11, 2019 at 9:19 am

          Brian, I opened the comments by saying he should be promoted. Mike thought it was better to not rush him, but the Mets promoted him in the afternoon.

          Also, Gilliam is ready also. He got killed in one outing early last week that shot his ERA up, but had two more scoreless outings after that and with his strikeout numbers, he’s ready for a better challenge.

          Syracuse has been free-falling since Gomez was promoted and their pitching just sucks. I can see why ownership wanted this, and when the relievers come back for the Parent club, Syracuse will get their bullpen back.

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