Gut Reaction: Mets 4, Marlins 2 (7/13/19)

The Mets came into tonight’s game closer to the Marlins for last place than to the third place Phillies. After coming out of the All Star break stumbling, Noah Syndergaard led the Mets to victory by the score of 4-2. Syndergaard went seven innings strong, giving up two runs and striking out nine while lowering his season ERA to 4.55. It was the type of performance that likely impressed a few scouts of opposing teams looking to make a run at the flame throwing right hander in the coming weeks.

The Mets offense scored courteously of the long ball with Michael Conforto and Robinso Cano going deep, Cano’s fifth on the season. Thomas Nido made his regulary scheduled Syndergaard start, going 0-3 and bringing his season average down to .244. My gut reaction is that Nido is improving the club’s performance in the long run, despite a poor bat. Throughout the season the issue has been run prevention and if Nido does a good job at that then he should be given every opportunity to contribute.

Edwin Diaz locked up the ninth for the save, bringing the Mets to 41-51 on the season. In a year where there has been a lot of discussion about the quality of the baseball and it’s effect on pitchers, one has to wonder if that is a contributing factor to Diaz. The transition to the National League should have theoretically been an easier one, and his overall ‘stuff’ seems to be working, as is his health. Perhaps the combination of a new baseball and the bright lights of New York have effected Mr. Diaz, only time will truly tell.

2 comments for “Gut Reaction: Mets 4, Marlins 2 (7/13/19)

  1. Pete from NJ
    July 14, 2019 at 7:49 am

    I wonder if the Wilpon’s look at Mets360 then realizing that the fans have given up on the team when nobody posts any comments on a game that everything went as planned with good pitching and timely hitting.

    As far as Diaz: Keith Hernandez was saying his slider was not working at all. Hernandez was talking about mechenics but maybe the ball is the factor.

    • Mike Walczak
      July 14, 2019 at 9:11 am

      Hernandez was saying that Diaz needs to throw more over the top than 3/4. Says his slider is flat with no bite.

      And yes, nice win. Syndergaard was sharp. Cano looked like he win a world series game after the home run.

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