The Mets’ record is disappointing here in mid-July but they’re hanging in there against the other NL East clubs. Against their four division rivals, they have a 23-24 mark. They have winning marks against the Nats and Marlins and are competitive against the Braves. The big disappointment has been the record against the Phillies, a team the Mets have essentially owned now for years. Perhaps Philadelphia will have another second-half collapse this year and the Mets can again take the season series.

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  • Mike Walczak

    What really burns me up is Wheeler. He is leaving at the end of the year and we probably could have landed a good prospect for him. Now he is on the IL with shoulder fatigue. Arggggh, Double Arggggh

    What else can go wrong? Wait, I had better not ask that.

  • Mike Walczak

    Maldonado just got traded to the Cubs. Sure could use him behind the dish. d’Arnaud hit three home runs against the Yankees last night. looks like the change of scenery really helped him.

    • TJ

      Those 3 Yankee Stadium HRs likely would have been 3 outs in Citifield…nonetheless, good for Travis.

      • Mike Walczak

        I’m glad for the guy. I am happy for any player who changes teams and does well.

  • Mike Walczak

    What is the possibility that Wheeler does not have a tired shoulder and just does not want to go to another team for two months ?

  • Metsense

    There are many trade rumors about Zack Wheeler in 2019 and also 2018 before the trade deadline. I can’t find one story though, that the Mets were engaged with a contract extension in the off-season. No numbers or years never surfaced. Apparently the Mets are indifferent. If a rumor would surface about the money and the years the fans could debate if that was appropriate. It is the best kept secret in baseball but in my humble opinion it seems like the front office of the Mets I’m not doing they’re due diligence.

  • Eraff

    I believe this team is fixable… Address CF with a RH Bat, Fix the Bullpen.

    Trading Jake or Syndergaard doesn’t make much baseball sense— that forces a major Pitching Signing in the off-season. Now, if you think you want to blow up the roster, then you trade All of them— Jake, Noah, Wheeler…all of them. As for Wheeler— they may trade him…that drives a built-in FA Signing of Wheeler or someone else.

    I’d like to see Wheeler come back, pitch well, sign an extension before the season ends.

    I haven’t given up on Rosario at Short (and I still believe in Kevin Plawecki! šŸ˜‰ ). Hands and Brains are more important than Range in “Shifted Baseball”. That said, the Met’s have at least 2 Major League SS’s ( Hechie and Ruben…yes, Ruben)to fill the gap if they decide to put Rosie in CF.

    I’d sooner they Rebalance the OF, and I believe one of the LH OF Bats is a good off season trade asset. I’m a bit frustrated by what Conforto “Doesn’t do”— I’ll focus on what he does do, He’s 26 and he’s a good baseball player–Keep him. Dom or Nimmo are trade assets…I would miss either or both.

    Wilcon Ramos is more productive at around 100 games… they ground him down early. If they keep him, they have a very well cost controlled catching situation….Look around…it’s not so bad.

    Bullpen…. I can’t give them a pass, but Diaz and Familia have track records. You can criticize the valuation in Trade or the FA signing of JF— I’m ok with a slight overpay to finish the pen, and that’s what they did. I can’t criticize the guys they chose. The entire Pen situation is Bizarre. They simply did not cheap out on that— they did run into very bad luck.

    If Lowrie and JD provide Bench and 800-100 ab’s…… McNeill at 3rd…. Two remaining LH OF’ers with a New RH CF’er….. 3 Top of Rotation starters and a Fixed/Healed Bullpen….. I don’t see a tear down.

    Ok…that’s Me playing GM

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