One of my complaints about the Mets of recent vintage is that they prefer to give a shot to someone outside the organization rather than to promote from within. Now, it’s one thing if the guy from outside was Mike Trout. But it’s never Trout. It’s always someone who was good three years ago.

Why play Jeff McNeil at 2B when you can overpay to get Robinson Cano?
Why play Dominic Smith at 1B when you can pick up Adrian Gonzalez?
Why give Dilson Herrera a shot when you can pick up James Loney?

They would have had to move guys around in that last scenario to make Herrera fit. But they could promote Herrera now and he would provide a better bench bat than Luis Guillorme. Yeah, I get it, Guillorme is here because he’s on the 40-man and Herrera isn’t. But now news comes out that they’re interested in Joe Panik, who was released by the Giants.

Panik was good in 2017. He’s not good now. Wasn’t good last year, either. Why jump through hoops to get him and open up a spot on the 40-man when you wouldn’t do that for Herrera? In Triple-A, Herrera has 22 homers and an .869 OPS. I’m willing to wager the MLB translation for that is better than Panik’s 3 HR and .627 OPS in 388 PA

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  • Pete from NJ

    I worried that Dillon’s AAA numbers will not translate to MLB success.

    But I just read Bruan’s Dillon post from 2015. Well everything else has turned to gold so yes Dillon over Panick. Why not?

  • Mike Walczak

    I went to the Durham Bulls Syracuse Mets game last night in Durham. The Mets were no hit. Even though I was rooting for the Mets, I enjoyed seeing a no hitter.They lost 2-1.

    Got to see old friends pitch yesterday. Oswalt, Sewald, Nogosek and Bashlor pitched. Oswalt went five and gave up two runs. Sewald and Bashlor each walked two in an inning of work.

    The Mets lineup was filled with former major leaguers including Danny Espinosa, Rymer Liriano, Gregor Blanco, Ruben Tejada and Dilson Herrera. Tejada looked really sharp at shortstop and is hitting .337. Herrera is hitting .244, but he has 22 home runs. In 324 at bats, he does have 100 strikeouts.

    It was a stark contrast to the Bulls roster. Tampa always has had a superb farm system. They have a lot of great young prospects. Nate Lowe was recently sent back to Durham. Lowe hit a home run off of Oswalt that was a missile to left center that went out of the park into the office buildings. Lowe, a first baseman was playing third base.

    I sat in the third row by the Mets bullpen. I shuddered in looking at the bullpen with visions of them in my head getting shelled in Citi Field.

    Ryan O’Rourke was very engaging and talkative for most of the game. I asked him where Tebow was and he shrugged and said I don’t know. He didn’t seem too excited to have Tebow and his side show as a teammate.

    I agree with the Panik stuff. He was DFA’d for a reason.

    Rather than Altherr who is hitting about a buck 75, Id rather see Rajai Davis. Davis is hitting .283 at Syracuse, but has 17 stolen bases.

    What I would really love to see next year is a farm team filled with young prospects rather than a pre-retirement team.

    Let Go Mets

    • Eraff

      Mike—AAA is not the Preospect Hotbed…it hasn’t been for several years—find an A+ or AA game—it’s not a “Mets Thing”

    • TexasGusCC

      Yesterday, Syracuse was no-hit. Tonight, they scored 17 runs on 23 hits and won 17-0. Payback.

  • boomboom

    I would bring up Tejada to platoon with Guillorme at 2B. Playoff experience, fine in the 8 spot in the lineup.

    Agree about Altherr – not sure what he really brings to the table. Meanwhile Rajai could be to this team what Uribe was in 2015 – steady veteran presence with the ability to make something happen on the base paths late in the ballgame and fill in for all 3 OF spots.

    I would also send down Mazza and bring up the extra bench bat so you could potentially have a bench of Nido, R. Davis, Lagares, Hech, Tejada.

    Problem is there isn’t a lefty hitter in that bunch until (if) Dom comes back in September.

    • boomboom

      One more thought. I would absolutely hate having to root for this guy, but wouldn’t it be interesting to bring up Espinoza for the series against the Nats? Just the type of baseball move that often helps win a single game. Plus he’s a switch hitter so would add a lefty bat to the bench. A player out for revenge against a former team?

  • Bob P

    It’s a shame that the Yankees are getting to play at Field of Dreams. I was kind of hoping the Mets would play there and Jed Lowrie would walk out of the cornfield.

    • Brian Joura

      I laughed

    • MattyMets

      Bob P – that’s the funniest pot on here in a long time.

      • TexasGusCC


  • Mike Koehler

    If the powers that be decide Rajai Davis>Aaron Altherr, I’m game for that.

    But there’s a difference between Herrera and Panik – one had success as a major leaguer. In fact, Panik also had an All-Star appearance and a Gold Glove. If there’s any hope of reviving that caliber of player, it’s easily worth a flier.

    Now if they do their homework and say he’s done, find another option.

    • Mike Walczak

      There is noise on about Panik and the Mets having mutual interest.

    • Brian Joura

      For Pete’s sake – he was an All-Star in 2015. The same year as Jhonny Peralta, Jonathan Papelbon and Trevor Rosenthal. He’s about as useful as those guys now, too.

      Since 2016, Panik has a .691 OPS in 1,879 PA and a .633 mark in his last 780. He’s toast. He’s got a giant fork sticking out of his back. He’s no longer any good. It’s Keon Broxton all over again.

      The Mets need to quit living in the past. If you don’t think Herrera’s the right guy – that’s fine. But the sooner the Mets stop chasing after some other team’s former star, the better.

  • TJ

    Is Brodie going to Panik or settle for a Brach end addition to the pen?

    • Brian Joura

      Even Metsense groaned at that one.

      • Metsense

        The Mets signed Brach. He is a cheap flyer and he isn’t taking a spot from a worthier Met minor leaguer. Panik will and that’s a shame. Arghhhhhhh.
        Herrera has some pop and can hit the homerun. Tejada has a good eye and can bat in the eighth position and work his walks. Both are better then Panik.
        I’m curious what the Mayor of Panic City thinks about this move! I’m looking at you Chris F. Because it is a panic move.

        • Chris F

          I dont know Metsense. Panik isnt like Abreu or Gonzalez or….. I think the FO looks around and doesnt see much in Tejada Guillorme The Dilson regardless of AAA numbers and thinks they need someone that really had played well at ML level, and not too long ago. I dont think its panic, its more lack of confidence in who they have…says a lot.

      • TJ

        I apologize…couldn’t help myself in the moment.

  • Brian Joura

    From MetsBlog today:

    “For that matter, VP of scouting Tommy Tanous says his department recently completed a study showing the Mets have produced more current big-league players, including some with other teams, than any organization in baseball since 2011.”

  • Brendan Vachris

    I suggest reading that article listed right beneath the post, the one titled “Mets buoyed by the return of Dilson Herrera.” It is rather funny to think back to the pre-Cespedes 2015 Mets where Dilson Herrera was an impact back for a stretch of time. He’s still so young so maybe he can help us out this year

  • MattyMets

    Agreed. And I’d rather see Rajai Davis than Aaron Alther.

  • MattyMets

    Anyone game for fact checking MLBTR? They claim the Mets payroll is 204mm.

    • Chris F

      The source is RosterResource that Ken Rosenthal used. I cannot speak to the details, but there is a very clearly laid out assessment of all teams. I assume that Rosenthal uses this because its accurate. The last 3 lines for the team include projected 2019 spending items that have to occur apparently and tied to lux tax. I cant speak to that. It does show the Mets nudged up against the lux tax threshold.

      Clearly, the Mets are waiting for Panik to clear waivers so they dont have to pick up his salary, and Panik is ok with that. Given the small number otherwise, its hard to imagine why the Mets would wait to sign Panik if he was a target.

  • Eraff

    I’m not a “Give Guys a Chance” guy…not in the middle of a Pennant Race. ….. but I believe Dilson and Ruben and Rajai have a much better chance at adding to this mix, versus Panik! SF is in this chase….and They Are Dumping this Guy!!!!

    A Conversation with Chili Davis and Close to Home Cooking is not gonna Fix Panik. He has at least 800 ab’s at a sub 640 OPS….

    Juan Lagares has at least 1500 ab’s at a 650 OPS or Lower….. Alther is a more likely “Breakout candidate” because he’s had some success before…a long time ago!!!

    They need to drop one of the outfielders and one of Hech or Luis. It’;s very important that they try something else and attack an obvious problem while they’re doing well.

    They cannot win out with Hech, Luis, Nido, Alther, Lagares as bench bats…bench bats will play and they will take ab’s—you need them.

    • MattyMets

      When Smith or Nimmo returns we can give McNeil some day at second so the bottom of the order isn’t such a black hole.

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