J.D. Davis and Michael Conforto both cracked two-run homers to support a solid pitching effort by Steven Matz to lead the Mets to a 9-2 win over the Indians Tuesday night in the first day of a nine-game homestand, all against teams in the heat of the pennant race. The win upped the Mets’ home record to 35-21 (.625) and they are now 25-10 (.714) in the second half of the season.

Davis hit a ball to center field that cleared the wall with plenty of room to spare in the second inning to give the Mets a 2-1 lead. The Indians tied the game with an unearned run in the fourth. But Conforto gave the Mets the lead for good when he deposited a ball in the back of the bullpen in right field in the sixth inning.

Matz got the first out in the seventh inning before giving up an infield single and a walk. The Mets opted to bring in Justin Wilson, who struck out Francisco Lindor and Oscar Mercado back-to-back to strand the tying runs on base. It was an impressive outing for Wilson, who’s been magnificent since returning from the IL.

Interestingly, this appearance by Wilson with a slim lead happened in the seventh inning, less than a week after Mickey Callaway said he’d use Seth Lugo 100 times out of 100 in this scenario. Good thing he reflected – or had someone reflect for him – before the situation happened again.

And the Mets poured it on against the Cleveland bullpen, scoring four runs in the seventh inning and another in the eighth. Newly-promoted Rajai Davis got in the act with a run scored in the seventh and an RBI double in the eighth.

With the win, the Mets have a 13-5 record in August and the exact same mark in Interleague play.

14 comments on “Gut Reaction: Mets 9, Indians 2 (8/20/19)

  • NYM6986

    Appreciate the speed with which you post after a game and how you capture the events of the day. I absolutely love this site. Thanks. Now, is Joe Panik this year’s Kelly Johnson/Juan Uribe??

    • Brian Joura

      Thanks for the kind words!

      You should join us in the Game Chatters. Can I send you the password to the email addy you use here?

      • NYM6986

        Yes. Please do.

  • David Klein

    Unsung heroes are Wilson and Mickey. Last time out Mickey pulled the plug on Matz too early this time it was at the just right time as I feel if Matz faces Lindor a fourth time I think Lindor hits a three run homer and who knows what happens the rest of the game. Wilson came in with a gameplan of going with cutters and dominated Lindor and Mercado. I know Wilson’s fip isn’t pretty but he’s pitched pretty well post injured list stint.

    Matz was fantastic and really should have given up just one run as he got what should have been a double play from Kipnis with Panik somehow not getting to the ball. Panik did make up for it later in the game with a big hit and I’m wondering why he was pulled late hope he didn’t get banged up. He gives the Mets professional at bats.

    What can you say about Conforto? He looked terrible in his first two at bats and adjusted and hit a seed to RF, he’s a monster and his great year is flying under the radar, he’s particularly been great in the second half.

    Davis is like Ted Williams at Citi Field and hope he stays healthy cause they need him big time.

    Another day another big game by Rosario who isn’t chasing as much and getting on base seemingly 2-3 times everyday, if he can hit at home he’s a big time player.

    All in all a great game and even an impressive inning from Sewald hope this is a start to s big homestand for the Mets.

  • Chris B

    Importantly, the Mets were able to stay in the hunt with an average 3-3 road trip. Now that they are back home it is time to turn it up and win some more series. These high leverage games against good opponents are the type of experience that a young Alonso, Rosario, Davis, and Wheeler need. All have never sniffed the postseason all that regularly.

  • TexasGusCC

    The difference between Matz getting pulled tonight and last week was tonight he had thrown 99 pitches and had two men on with one out and a beast due up. Last week, he had 79 pitches, no one on, and while Donaldson is very good, I can’t call him a beast, plus Matz was cruising last week.

    If they can take it a game at a time and hold up, McNeil should be back soon, Nimmo is close and Lowrie is behind him. So, while the lineup is doing well now, imagine when McNeil, Nimmo, and Lowrie can replace, Lagares, Frazier and Panik? Wow! I’d put Lowrie at second and Davis at 3B. Add on the best rotation in baseball and an improving bullpen. I can’t wait for the Dodgers to come into town in mid-September to measure up. Meantime, business to take care of and need to make catching Atlanta the goal. The wildcard shouldn’t be the goal, but I get it, we’re not even there yet.

    • Metsense

      It would be an injustice to sit Frazier for Lowrie because Lowrie hasn’t played in over a year. Lowrie has to earn his at bats and a play role on this team before he gets significant playing time. I’m not saying that Frazier is an All-Star but he doesn’t hurt Mets and sometimes he rises to the occasion. Sitting Frazier would send a bad message, just like batting Cano in the third position.

      • TexasGusCC

        Good point Metsense. Frazier is batting like .174 in August after batting .210 in July. Too, his OPS was .516! and .672, respectively. That’s Juan Lagares/Luis Guillorme territory.

        • Chris F

          Lowrie is batting .000 Gus.

  • MattyMeta

    I stand corrected from my Friday post. It appears as though the cavalry is coming, at least on the offensive side. If the Mets fan hold the line and go 5-4 on this critical homestand, we’ll get back McNeil, Nimmo, Smith and maybe even Lowrie for the stretch run. That lengthens and empowers the lineup and bench so we can hopefully score enough runs to makeup for the shaky bullpen.

    • TexasGusCC

      5-4? 8-1!

      Or at worst 7-2. Matt, I thought you were an optimist?

  • Metsense

    Gut reaction the Mets capitalized on the error of the left fielder but that is what good teams do. The Mets are a good team. They are as good as any team in the National League except the Braves and Dodgers. This victory set the tone for the homestand but it is just one victory and there is a tough road ahead. The Mets have to win this homestand and this game was a good start.
    Once again, Mickey try to Short Circuit the rally by having Rajai Davis bunt and give up a precious out. The players could have nothing to do with this and roughed up the Indians pitchers despite his managerial philosophy. Outs are like the time clock in football, good teams manage time clock and good managers manage those precious outs. Mickey does not have the Killer Instinct. LFGM

  • NYM6986

    If we go 5-4 on this homestand I think we are done. Got to take it to the teams ahead of us and I think we are ready to do so. We may have put the game away against the Indian’s pen, but we took the lead and never lost it against one of their better starters. Getting those players back will be a game changer.

  • Metsense

    Thanks a lot Gus for pointing this out to me. So I guess that it will be easy for Lowrie to earn his position but as Chris said he’s only batting 000 right now.

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