Two of the worst hitters in MLB the last five years came through for the Braves in the 14th inning, leading Atlanta to a 2-1 win over the Mets Friday night in the first game of the three-game series. The loss snapped a five-game winning streak for the Mets.

With virtually no other options, the Mets turned to Jeurys Familia for the third time in three days in the 14th. He began the frame by walking the leadoff batter and then Adeiny Hechavarria, who the Mets cut rather than paying a roster bonus, drilled a ball that got stuck in the outfield wall for a rule book double. Originally an RBI triple, Mickey Callaway talked to the umpires and after a quick review, runners were placed on second and third.

As good as Callaway was on getting the replay, he erred on bringing the infield in. The runner on third was a catcher, who was gassed from running around the bases. Familia got a strikeout then Billy Hamilton got a ball passed the drawn-in infield, getting by that guy they keep telling us is so good defensively at second base.

Losing to the Braves is bad enough. Losing because Adeiny Hechavarria (lifetime .637 OPS) and Billy Hamilton (lifetime .622 OPS) both got hits in the same inning, well that’s cruel and unusual.

Lost in the painful ending is another terrific start by Jacob deGrom. He allowed 1 ER in 7 IP and had 13 Ks. And, oh yeah, he supplied the only run of the game for the Mets with a home run to left center estimated as traveling 389 feet.

It’s difficult to complain with the run the Mets have been on. But deGrom deserved better.

7 comments on “Gut Reaction: Braves 2, Mets 1 (14 INN) 8/23/19

  • Mike Koehler

    That was anything but Panik’s fault. Blame should belong to Mickey for having the infield too far in with a slow lead runner, Familia for allowing baserunners and the offense for failing to score any number of times.

    • Bob P

      Mickey has certainly made his share of questionable decisions but to put the blame on him for having the infield in too far is a stretch. Had he played the infield back a little as you suggest and a slow grounder was hit and they couldn’t get the out at the plate, he would get criticized for that. You are right on to blame the offense for not coming up with anything other than Jake’s dinger.

  • TexasGusCC

    Mike, I agree that Panik couldn’t do much with that; he dove and still couldn’t reach it. With the infield in, it has to be hit right at you or it’s going through. That’s why they say the infield in makes a .300 hitter into a .400 hitter.

    The Braves players didn’t win this game, the Braves advance scouting won this game. Every Mets hitter was off balance all game. In every series, the Braves totally have shut down the Mets in the first game, the Mets adjust and do better after that. But Alonso had a bad game. Not only was he swinging and missing all night, but his lack of focus was evident in the extra innings when rather than running to first on strike three, he felt it was more urgent to watch Panik going to third on the pitch in the dirt. I know he’s young, but he’s a pro and his head must be screwed on better than that. If he runs, it’s first and third with no outs and things are different. This followed an inning where the Mets had Swarzak on the ropes: He had the bases loaded and Rosario at the plate. On a 2-2 pitch with two outs, he threw a slider in the dirt that Rosario bailed him out on. If he takes that junk, the next pitch must be a 3-2 fastball or risk walking in the winning run. But, Rosario fishes and that was a bummer too.

    Hopefully the returns of McNeil and Nimmo can push Alonso to 5th as his low batting average shouldn’t be at #3. In fact, before the game I wondered why Davis wasn’t #3 when I saw the lineup. Have to get the next two games.

  • TJ

    Tough loss to swallow, especially to Braves, ex-Mets, and DFA castaways. It is simply uncanny how the Mets consistenly fail to score for their ace. As they say, he is due for some support. You certainly can’t win them all, but there is no margin for error, which results in a ton of stress for Stroman. He has given up a ton of runners, but mostly shown savvy and guile in giving the team a chance to win. The bats need to bring their A game tonight for what should be close to a packed Citifield. Maybe one silver lining from last night could be a little confidence for Diaz, as it will be tough to make the playoffs with him buried in the pen. Let’s get J Mac and Nimmo to Flushing tonight!

  • NYM6986

    We have come to expect late inning heroics and that disappointed me last night as there were ample spots to win the game last night including Conforto needing a fly ball, not a K. Let’s remember though that good teams find a way to win and that is why the Braves lead the division. As we watch on TV and see Rosario swing at a pitch so obviously out of the strike zone I remind myself that the hitter has a split second to decide to swing and what looks like a strike can change literally in a blink. We think nothing of an opponent who swings at what we see as an obvious ball outside the strike zone but are critical when it is one of our own. The prize out there is the first wildcard spot where we get to throw Jake at home. At that point hopefully McNeil is in LF, JD has displaced Todd at third and Nimmo is out in CF. And kudos to our BPnlast night for the great job in holding down the Braves for several innings. Can’t wait for tonight’s game.

  • Bob

    Why is Altherr still on the roster – winning run on third base – he grounds out – We wouldn’t give Hechavarria a roster bonus but we keep Altherr. Why isn’t he long gone. I see no value in him being on the roster.

  • José

    Ya know, even as the ultimate cynic, the boys’ performance of late started getting me to believe. My thought, going forward, was that the most likely obstacle to their success is that bonehead field manager and his dinosaur tactics. And then this game happened…

    Sometimes, José can see the future, but I suppose that even a blind person could have foreseen this outcome

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