The Phillies scored three runs in the bottom of the eighth inning, right after the Mets had tied the game in the top of the frame, and thus avoided getting swept, as they escaped with a 5-2 win Sunday night in Philadelphia.

The Mets trailed 2-1, as they were thoroughly flustered by Zach Eflin. But Phillies manager Gabe Kapler opted to remove Eflin for a pinch hitter in a bunt situation, despite Eflin’s low pitch count. The Mets seemed revitalized getting a chance to hit against the Phillies’ pen. Todd Frazier opened the inning with a single and the Mets were able to pinch hit for Juan Lagares with the recently-activated Brandon Nimmo, who worked a walk.

During Nimmo’s at-bat, J.D. Davis was in the on-deck circle. But when Nimmo got on, they opted to go small ball by sending up Luis Guillorme to bunt. The sacrifice was successful, putting runners on second and third with one out, with Jeff McNeil and Pete Alonso coming to the plate. But as so often happens when you play for one run – that’s all you get. McNeil hit into a fielder’s choice, with an out at the plate. Alonso walked, but ball four was a wild pitch allowing Nimmo to score. Michael Conforto struck out to end the inning.

If the decision to sacrifice wasn’t maddening enough, the Mets brought in Daniel Zamora to start the eighth inning on the road in a tie game. It was like Terry Collins suddenly re-emerged in the dugout. Who else brings in a guy who wasn’t good enough to be in the majors yesterday – Zamora had a 4.20 ERA in Syracuse – to face one of the hottest hitters in the league when there are other options? The Mets played small ball and got one run. They played matchups and got burnt. Bryce Harper singled to lead off the eighth.

Since Zamora isn’t good, he was removed for Jeurys Familia, who is shaky under the best of circumstances and not particularly good when pitching with runners on base. He immediately gave up a walk and then a ball hit to center on which both runners advanced. After intentionally walking the next hitter to load the bases, Familia served up a bases-clearing double.

It’s always tough to lose. But losing when employing two of my least favorite strategy moves – bunting instead of going for the kill and playing matchups with a sub-par reliever – makes it even more difficult to stomach.

5 comments on “Gut Reaction: Phillies 5, Mets 2 (9/01/19)

  • David Klein

    When will Mickey stop giving away outs with position players bunting? Today was the most egregious with two on and no out and he had Davis, who has been one of the teams best hitters on deck and he went to Guillorme to bunt and he only got lucky with the wild pitch otherwise they wouldn’t even tie it up. Mickey pretty much took the bat out Davis hands and maybe Ramos hands too. Could Mickey you know not pitch Familia everyday? Please? What was going through his head when he brought Familia, who has a bb rate of around 7 to face Hoskins, who is a walk machine? Was Brach who dominates right handed batters and better than Familia simply not available or something? Mickey never stops fucking up and you know Gelbs and Couthino won’t ask Mickey tough questions. Mickey is the worst and continues to lose the team winnable games and the worst thing is if the team finishes over .500 he’ll be back.

  • TJ

    Mickey was utterly atrocious in both the top and bottom of the 8th. Jim Duquette killed him in the SNY post game, on the Met network, and rightly so. I think managers have been relieved of their duties for less egregious innings. That said, this was a team loss. The offense was MIA against a guy who has been dreadful in recent outings. In the crunch-time at bats late, McNeil, Alonso (first pitch swing), and Conforto looked real tight. Nimmo air-mailing a no chance throw to 3B when the throw needed to be to 2B helped kill the inning. Zamora does not belong in the majors, no less the 8th inning of a tie game in a huge spot. Familia can’t avoid walks all season, he was poor once again. Was Brach available? He didn’t pitch yesterday. Two of three is not good enough with this pitching match up tonight…just too many teams ahead of them and too little time left. A very disappointing night.

  • Mike W

    In arguably one if the most important games of the year, I could not believe that Zamora was brought into the game, followed by Familia. Right away, you knew Familia was in trouble. Not good, when you cant throw strikes. He almost walked Neris. If they would have won, they would have picked up another game on the Cubs.

  • José

    Losers. Not that they necessarily are, but that’s what the bonehead field manager – and his dinosaur tactics – make them

    Is it true that Maddon is in trouble? If he come available, and the Mets don’t jump on him (and instead decide to either keep dino or employ something worse, like Dustbowl) I hereby vow to divest myself of being a fan. Not that anyone cares, but nonetheless

    Oh, and I hereby accuse the rest of yous of being a pack of losers. Not that I claim to not be; in fact, I’ve come to grips with the fact

    • Peter Hyatt

      “We always see the glass as half full. Mickey played for one run and got it. Success. Plus, Robbie will tell Mickey he’s ready to take over full time at second on Tuesday. Clearly, it’s “come get us” time!!”

      Broadie Scam Wagenen

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