The Mets opened their baseball season 167 days ago and have been the subject of a lot of heartache and triumph since their 2-0 win against the Washington Nationals. And despite currently being four games back of a single game elimination playoff game (with four teams to pass), there is still a sense of excitement around the team. From a potential backdoor repeat Cy Young award to the all-time rookie home run record to a repeat of the Miracle that the 1969 Mets pulled off, there are still reasons to follow the club. In doing so, fans are inherently choosing to lean into the good rather than allow the bad to fester. Now, let’s not twist this as a testament of support of the global team operations. There are clearly disappointing facets across the organization which are in need of dire improvement. However, there is something to be said about the fact that almost six months of ups and downs has not deterred the common fan from tuning in to the game.

On a personal note, this Mets360 writer has benefited from the minute daily distractions, both good and bad, that our beloved Mets have provided lately. Without bringing forth a sob story, there have been some developments in my career that have left quite a bit of uncertainty and fear; I know that this is normal when it comes to corporations and thankfully I am surrounded by an amazing group of family, friends, and peers who have grounded me. I have also been surrounded by these pesky, annoying, lovable and rousing group of Mets who have inadvertently provided a healing presence. An automatic phone notification of the team’s announced lineup greets me every day. Posts by the clubs more respected beat writers are at the top of my social feeds. My daily 7 train commute is sprinkled with Met caps. Even the fallout of jokes ensued from Mickey Callaway’s postgame interviews offer a hearty chuckle from time to time. All of these things provide a much-needed sense of comfort amidst the chaos that is currently ensuing from 9 to 5, Monday through Friday. There is a positive presence around rooting for the Mets if you so choose to look for it.

As of this writing the club is 74-70 with 18 games left to play. An educated guess would peg the second wild card winner at 88 wins which means that the Mets need to go 14-4 moving forward for just a chance at playing more meaningful baseball. According to Fangraphs, the Mets have a 10.5% chance of making the playoffs which is enough of an opportunity to close out the season strong and embrace the nuances of the team. Every Jacob deGrom start is must watch TV, every Pete Alonso demolition of a baseball puts him one step closer to history, and every win inches them closer and closer to utmost relevance. With the idea that soon enough there will not be any baseball to watch for months, Mets fans should be clamoring through the gates of Citi Field for their final opportunities to be part of history. At the very least, the game can provide an unsuspecting sense of comfort and stability for just a few more weeks. So, consider this an official rally call, and never underestimate the power of sports, for when you need them most, the Mets will be there for you.

4 comments on “The healing powers of the Mets

  • Chris F

    Always enjoy reading your articles Chris.

  • Tim Donner

    Thank you for this. Very uplifting, and a reminder of why we live and die with this team through thick and thin.

  • BVac

    This has a special meaning when considering the history of this day and how the Mets uplifted everyone 18 years ago. Thanks for sharing Chris!

    • Chris B

      Yes, precisely Brendan! Thanks for reading @all and LGM!

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