Mets’ 2019 season is one to build on

That the Mets were in the playoff hunt up until the last week of the season is incredible. Incredible considering they lost every game in the month of June (seemingly). And incredible considering their closer coughed up more home runs than Pete Alonso hit (actually 15, but there’s still time). Oh, and miraculous given that their manager made enough bone headed in-game decisions to cost us 10 wins (okay, maybe five or six, but it feels like 20).
This team managed to finish (most likely) with the best record of any NL team not to make the playoffs because we had three All Stars who had spectacular seasons. And because we got good seasons out of Michael Conforto, Seth Lugo, Amed Rosario, Wilson Ramos (at least on one side of the ball), and Justin Wilson, plus surprise contributions from Dominic Smith and J.D. Davis. And miraculous health from their rotation with their top four starters each delivering at least 30 starts.
This up and down season has been both disappointing and encouraging. Except for maybe Zack Wheeler, all of these players will be back and joined by a healthy Jed Lowrie, Yoenis Cespedes and Drew Smith (remember him?). They’ll most likely be joined by a new manager and an upgraded coaching staff, as well as, hopefully, a few smart bullpen additions.
There’s no telling what Brodie Van Wagenen will do in the off-season, but there’s reason for optimism. This team has plenty of talent. A few smart moves and the Mets could and should be back in the playoffs in 2020.
Here’s to a fun season almost in the books and here’s to an exciting off-season of trade and free agent speculation and endless hot stove chatter on Mets360. Thanks to Brian for maintaining a place for smart Mets fans to vent and thanks to all of you for contributing to this amazin’ little community. Let’s go Mets!

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  1. September 27, 2019 at 11:18 am

    The big question mark revolves around sustainability. Can Alonso approach 50 homers again (ever hear of Brady Anderson?). Can McNeil hit .317 again? Will the rotation stay healthy? Will Seth Lugo? Can Rosario and JD Davis continue to improve?

    They may have wasted a golden opportunity if the 2020 answers to those questions are “no.”

    • Mike Walczak
      September 27, 2019 at 2:01 pm

      Lets say Alonso hits 35, drives in 100, McNeill hits .290, Rosario is close to what he did this year, Lugo has a 3.20 ERA, Davis hits 25 home runs and drive in 85, would you take it ? I sure would.

      This year actually turned out better than expected.

      We need a replacement for Wheeler, starting depth and a bullpen. I do see some trades, probably Smith. Tampa could use him. They are always looking for players like him.

      Who knows, maybe the Mets go nuts and sign Cole. I doubt it. I can say after suffering through June, that I enjoyed the last half of the year.

      Oh yeah and we are looking at the NL Rookie of the Year and NL Cy Young Award Winner !

      Plus. lets hope we see Pete hit numbers 52 and 53 to hold the MLB home run record for a rookie.

  2. TexasGusCC
    September 28, 2019 at 5:52 am

    Matt, Jed Lowrie is quoted as saying that he wants to go into the off season healthy. What a joke! Wasn’t he healthy going into last off season? It was then that he got hurt. BVW has made a mess of the roster and hopefully can get a real manager to put the best pieces where they belong.

    • MattyMets
      September 28, 2019 at 5:12 pm

      Hopefully Lowrie is a valuable, albeit expensive bench piece next year. Cano is certainly not going to play 162 at second and it will allow McNeil to play some OF if needed. He also gives us the luxury of shuttling someone like Guillorme back and forth so we don’t have to eat up a roster spot on a backup SS. I think the two big changes that need to happen are a new manager and an upgraded/revamped bullpen. The rest of the team just needs a little tweaking.

  3. September 29, 2019 at 8:43 am

    Need to stop counting on Cespedes…he may never play again.
    Mets will probably work out some buy out and he can stay on his ranch, or buy St Lucie himself and be his own mayor. JD Davis is the Met’s left fielder for 2020. He can improve out there. McNeil at 3B everyday.
    The BP let this team down this year.
    The team hit, the starters did their part, all with double digit wins, all 30 starts. Spend the time and money to fix the BP. Lugo, Wilson, Avilan, add three new pieces and let’s go. Some dumb team will take Diaz and Familia if packaged attractive enough. Callaway is not that bad even. Has cool demeanor and optimisim and team needs that. He can’t throw the ball himself in the late innings, he didn’t blow 25 saves…Maybe the Mets can get W.Smith from SF, and G.Holland, maybe Drew Smith comes back. No more of the squadron of scrubs please: Gagnon, Bashlor, Sewald, Zamora, Maaza, Rahme, etc, etc. All are minor leaguers at best.Whenever these guys came in,Mets were toast.

  4. Chris F
    September 29, 2019 at 1:05 pm

    As expected, the managerial chess moves begin. Joe Maddon released from Cubs.

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