The team’s hot play in the second half of the season couldn’t save Mickey Callaway’s job. Today the Mets announced that they had fired the skipper that led the club the past two seasons. A search will get underway immediately.

Without a playoff berth, it was unlikely that Callaway was going to return for his third season. After all, he had been hired by the previous management regime. No doubt Brodie Van Wagenen wanted to put his own guy in charge. It will be curious to see who emerges with the job next.

Last time, the Mets opted for a first-time manager and a former pitching coach. It’s unlikely the next hire will be either of those things. It should be interesting to see if it’s an old pro, like Dusty Baker or Buck Showalter, or if Van Wagenen opts for a younger guy with previous management experience.

With guys like Terry Francona and AJ Hinch, we’ve seen managers find success in their second go-round leading a team. A guy like Robin Ventura, with his time spent as a player in New York and his previous managerial experience with the White Sox, might be a good fit.

Perhaps no one but me will find this interesting but Callaway gets the ax despite acing all of the “intangibles” stuff. He kept the clubhouse together, his team didn’t quit on him and he earned praise from players and management alike for these skills. But his terrible in-game decisions were too much to sweep under the rug.

10 comments on “Mets fire Mickey Callaway

  • Chris F

    Oh Mickey you’re (not) so fine
    you’re (not) so fine
    You blew our minds
    Hey Mickey
    Hey Mickey

    (courtesy T. Basil)

  • David Groveman

    I don’t like conspiracy theories but this feels like a Joe Maddon related decision.

    • Brian Joura

      I think it would be great if the Mets got Maddon. But it sounds like he’s going back to the Angels.

  • JimO

    Oh yes….Maddon would be stupendous. I hope they keep Chili Davis and Phil Regan.

  • Mike Walczak

    I like Maddon and Girardi.

    I agree, Maddon will end up with the Angels. Girardi feels like a Mets kind of a manager.

  • Bugsy

    The “intangible stuff” is very important. In fact, imho , its a lot more important that the in game stuff.
    Some of the names mentioned in this article were raked over the coals for their in game strategy; dusty baker and joe maddon, for example.

    But beyond that, if its true that the front office meddled and told callaway who to play, then
    Firing him for the in game stuff is even more absurd.

    I wonder how the next manager could be a maddon or a girardi or anybody else that has a lot of experience and/or a reputation as a guy who insists on his own way.
    It seems like they have to hire a “yes man”.

  • NYM6986

    I liked the guy but you are spot on that his in game decisions were often questionable. If some of relievers could have done their jobs he would be managing the Mets in the playoffs and would have managed in 2020. He may have lost us some games but you are correct to give credit where credit is due.

  • TJ

    The bottom line is that the in game stuff was just too egregious, and his explanations afterwards often compounded things. I am one who can’t take all the managerial second guessing, over the course of countless Met managers. But Mickey found a way to even agitate me on multiple occasions. Yes, he had his plusses, but at this stage an upgrade to a more seasoned manager can really help. I prefer Girardi.

  • MattyMets

    He was the guy I wanted at the time and I’m very disappointed. So many bone-headed, head scratching decisions. And I’m glad Riggleman’s gone because having him in the dugout didn’t change that.

    I think this team’s talent, with a better bullpen and a smart guy in the dugout makes the playoffs. I’d love Girardi but I have a feeling he’s going to the Cubs and Maddon is going to the Angels. Lot of job openings and playing for the meddling Wilpons is nobody’s first choice.

    • Brian Joura

      Good point about Riggleman. If he endorsed those moves, he’s a clown. If he advised Callaway to go the other direction and didn’t find ways to get that info to BVW and/or Jeff Wilpon after the first few times, then that’s not any better, is it?

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