Editor’s Note: The chart listed below is not the same as the one on the original site because I could not get it to copy over. All of the numbers are the same – the layout is different.

“Below is a comparison between Santana’s season and CC Sabathia‘s season, who earned his 18th win of the season last night against the White Sox and has emerged as a front runner for the American League Cy Young Award this season:

Johan Santana C.C. Sabathia
Wins 10 18
Losses 9 5
ERA 3.02 3.14
Games Started 28 28
Complete Games 4 2
No Decisions 9 5
Innings Pitched 194 194.2
Unearned Runs 1 7
Earned Runs 65 68
Run Support per Start 3.11 5.93

Those 65 earned runs include 10 he allowed in one start against the Phillies in May.”

Source: MetsBlog

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