When Dominic Smith made his MLB debut, he had trouble buying a hit (.218 BABIP) but hit for more power than we expected (.198 ISO) him to. The following year, his BABIP came up to .297 and his ISO remained stable, with a .196 mark. But his K rate was an unsightly 31.5%.

Then this past season, he had a .320 BABIP, a .243 ISO and a 22.3 K%. How many of those numbers are repeatable?

It would be wonderful if that ISO was the new normal for Smith.

5 comments on “Monday catch-all thread (11/25/19)

  • Mike Walczak

    Braves have gotten off to a fast start in free agency to bolster their roster in adding Will Smith, Travis d’Arnaud and resigning Chris Martin, Darren O’day, Nick Markakis and Tyler Flowers. It doesn’t look like they are done yet either.

    It is concerning, that we may be at the rummage sale table looking for the bargain of the day and then proclaiming huge success.

    Folks, the NL East is going to be a tough division next year. Let’s hope we can make some smart deals and fill the holes with decent players.

    Lets see what BVW pulls out of the hat at the winter meetings next month.

  • Eraff

    Smith should be in a new place if the McNeill-Conforto-Nimmo trio stays in place. He probably has built enough value to be a wanted add-on to a deal….. and he probably serves as a guy in an exchange of Talented Question Marks.

    • Chris F

      Agreed. Whatever he does, I think it’s gonna be on another team.

  • Mike W

    I hope they go for Marte.

  • Rob

    He should have been given his best shot over Gonzalez. Not that Alonzo isn’t great but he was high choice and top prospect and Adrian was clearly done by then.

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