Friday catch-all thread (1/10/20)

News came out recently that the Rockies’ desire to trade Nolan Arenado has only increased since the idea was first floated last autumn. Arenado is owed a lot of money over a lot of years, which normally would eliminate the Mets from consideration. But we’re living in bizarre times, so maybe we shouldn’t rule it out completely.


Last night David Groveman and I did a podcast on my recent top 50 prospect list. You can download and listen to a copy here:

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  1. Chris F
    January 11, 2020 at 6:55 pm

    Winner Podcast Brian and David! Glad you’re back on! I think Name and I were on the “dump Flores” bandwagon pretty early! I think he’s still available for next season — third base anyone? LMAO

  2. January 13, 2020 at 5:05 pm

    “As part of the league’s penalty, the Astros will also lose first- and second-round draft picks in 2020 and 2021, and the organization was fined a record $5 million. MLB said in its statement that if Luhnow or Hinch “engage in any future material violations” of MLB rules, they will be placed on the league’s permanently ineligible list.”

  3. TexasGusCC
    January 15, 2020 at 2:16 am

    Just listened to the podcast below. On the topic of losing some minor league teams, why are the Mets losing two affiliates? If they can keep Binghamton and make that their short season league, while making Brooklyn their AA team, that would be an upgrade and a compromise. But, while Kingsport and Brooklyn are similar on the totem pole and somewhat redundant, it’s good to have that extra team as an extra step for the young player recovering from injury, like Szapucki did, or for extra evaluation of a player that you’d like to give a little more development to.

    Also, Fangraphs’ Mets prospect list came out on Friday with alot of fresh meat and many names we don’t hear. It seems that if the Mets system can continue to add some good top talent and continue its scouting of the lesser guys, the Mets in two years may be one of the best systems in the league – as long as Brodie can allow it.

  4. Eraff
    January 15, 2020 at 7:13 am

    The Pain of Fandom…Beyond Wins and Losses

    I’ve lived In/Around Philadelphia for 50 of my 60 years as a Giants/ Mets/Knicks Fan. My Father and Twin Brother and My Brother in Law, and one of my sons have been my core guys to talk about the teams….. for the past several years, a combination of Mets360 and BigBlueInteractive have provided some other team talk.

    I’ve long wished that I could be a Fan among Fans in my Home Town of Philadelphia, a Place I absolutely Cherish. “Fervancy”, Loyalty, and my co-Fans have made it easy to continue with my Mets, Giants, and Knicks.

    Twin Brother went to Boston after College and has spent 35 plus years as a Boston Fan….. before National Sports Packages, you couldn’t even watch your teams.

    In more recent years, My Philadelphia Bound Son Embraced The Philadelphia teams (all sports), along with younger son who had always been a Rabid Eagles Fan (not a Baseball Guy). Dad has Passed, an Anguished Dodger Fan who embraced the Mets and Hated the Yankees. A month ago my Brother In Law Passed.

    Pitchers and Catchers in about 30 days…a Very Exciting Turn of The Page for Big Blue…My impulse last night was to call Danny,,,Call Brian…Call Dad….

    …..and a Sudden Reality that I am the last fan in my small group.

    I’m old enough to understand that when you live long enough you get to cry alot…. and if you live just a little bit longer, you get to cry alone.

    Man Law???…Fan Law???? …. there’s no easy way to reconcile this situation. I love Philadelphia, and I don’t want to alone.

    • January 15, 2020 at 9:09 am

      “Can’t pretend that growing older never hurts”

      Everyone’s experience is different. I read your post and I feel your pain and anguish. I no longer live in NYC and I interact with two Mets fans in my real life, and even that is just a couple of times a year. But that doesn’t bother me like it does you. Maybe it’s because I became a Vikings fan at a young age that I knew what it was like to root for a team that no one else around me did so that when I no longer lived in NY it wasn’t that big of a deal not to be surrounded by Mets and Knicks fans.

      I can’t fathom not being a Mets fan. It’s like trying to imagine my life with no left hand. I’ll be a Mets fan until I die. I just hope they win once more before that happens.

    • TexasGusCC
      January 15, 2020 at 9:32 am


      There’s nothing wrong with being a Mets fan but embracing the local team too. Yes, they’re in the same division, but when they play each other root for the Mets. “Difficult”, you say. “So”, I say. These teams don’t give a crap about us, so use them the same way. Cheer for who you want to, but associate with those around you for your own benefit. Cheer for the Phillies to best the Braves, LOL. Something all NLEast fans have gotten to know about over the years.

      As a Cowboys fan growing up in NYC, I didn’t hate the Giants, but I loved the Boys. When they weren’t involved, I didn’t care if the Giants won or not, unless it was the division. (Went to a Redskins/Giants game once, and really couldn’t “root” for the Giants, but rather just took in the game as a fan.) Still, we are voices on the Internet that no one gets to hear. You live amongst Philadelphians; be nice to them, they have to deal with Bryce Harper.

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