On Wednesday, speculation developed that not only did the Astros use technology to steal signs, they allegedly used wearable devices that would buzz to alert them which pitch was coming. Jose Altuve, who hit a walkoff homer to send Houston to the World Series, was one player mentioned in regards to the wearables.

“As he approaches home plate after his pennant-clinching homer, Altuve clearly and demonstrably tells his awaiting teammates not to yank off his jersey. When asked why during an on-field interview with Fox Sports, Altuve laughs and says, “I don’t know. I’m too shy. Last time they did that, I got in trouble with my wife.”


If nothing else, we know Pete Alonso doesn’t use wearables. And he doesn’t believe anyone else on the club does, either. He yanks off shirts whenever possible.

15 comments on “Friday catch-all thread (1/17/20)

  • Jos☺

    Dishonesty in some elicits paranoia in many others

  • TJ

    So now we have proof that the Mets are still lagging in technology capabilities. I thought Brodie got the IT budget expanded last year…

    • MattyMets

      TJ I hope you Tweeted that comment. It’s priceless.

  • Mike Walczak

    Every time the Asstros are on the road, I would like to see the fans jeer them by banging on garbage cans (or their seats) or playing a buzzer. I bet that it happens.

  • Peter Hyatt

    Broadie is not an honest man.

    Everything is spin and appearance.

    After baseball, he could have a successful second career in politics.

  • Pete

    So with 3 teams looking for a manager with less than a month before spring training who do the Mets sign? Bochy? Baker? Showalter? Or???

    • Peter Hyatt

      Baker & Showalter would both likely be unwilling to yield duties to Broadie.

      • Chris F

        And rightly so. Hiring BVW is a long line in a chain of mistakes made by the Mets. The right thing is in their grasp, and they choose to do the wrong thing. Chaim Bloom was available, so was Kim Ng. Ownership said, let’s go with the most conflict of interest possible, so they did, and along the way lost a player for the future at a key position in Kelenick and took on an ancient doper. And his first managerial move was to bring in a cheater as manager and claim to be surprised because they didn’t do due diligence in his vetting before hand or make a plan B in case Beltran was guilty of cheating. Like Brian said this *always* was a Mets problem. And you have a guy with zero performance record and no management history convincing ownership to do things no one in their right minds believes is good.

        So what manager with infinite baseball experience would walk into Flushing and surrender to basically a punk with a huge ego?

  • Brian Joura

    Do it Brodie, do it!

    “Though Van Wagenen could have reservations about ceding control to a proven manager such as Baker, the GM isn’t shy about trying to create a splash. And after an offseason in which the Mets were relatively quiet, hiring Baker could be trumpeted as that big maneuver.”


  • TexasGusCC

    Showalter is the best option. Baker does Terry Collins things.

    • Chris F

      Not entirely Gus. He wins 90 games or more pretty much every season!

      • TJ

        Dusty has had a few headscratchers, but so has anyone that managed in the bigs for any stretch. All Dusty pretty much does is win. It’s hard to find a reason not to pursue him with a win now team. Even at Dusty’s age, I couldn’t imagine anyone throwing a chair in his office after a losing streak.

        It really sounds like Rojas is a future big league manager, but I’m not sure now is the time to make the leap. The only guy without big league managerial experience I’d feel good about is Eduardo Perez, who I hoped for over Beltran in the fall. Given his personality and communication skills he’d have the best shot at controlling the narrative as the public face of the franchise. With their history, that is important to the Mets.

    • José

      Showalter also does TC things, albeit less frequently than Ol’ Toothpick. Isn’t it true that Buck decided not use his stud closer in a wildcard game that was tied in late innings in order to save him for a lead which would never happen?

  • Bob P

    If they do go with Baker it will be interesting to see the rationale of shifting from an inexperienced (controllable) candidate to an experienced one. They definitely seemed intent on a young guy otherwise they could have hired Girardi who seemed to want to come here. What’s Brodie going to say if he announces Baker – We got tired of all these young cheaters and went with old school integrity?

  • Metsense

    The Mets should hire internally. Rojas or DeFranceco know the players because they worked in the Met system. It is three weeks until spring training. Both are respected and knowledgeable. Both have worked with BVW so the hiring should be seamless.

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