Edgardo Alfonzo leads the Brooklyn club to a championship. His reward? Well, he got canned. Now he’s getting inducted into the club’s Hall of Fame. Talk about mixed messages.

The Mets are now looking to replace the former role of new manager Luis Rojas — quality control coach. Wouldn’t it be something if Alfonzo ended up with that particular gig? It’s gotta be better than managing in the New York-Penn League, right?

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  • Brian Joura

    MetsBlog says Familia has lost 30 pounds since last season


    • José

      “MetsBlog says Familia has lost 30 pounds since last season”

      Perhaps if he looked behind him, he’d find it…

      • Brian Joura

        And I thought the first joke was going to come from Chris F. — and I expected him to say, “Cespedes found them.”

        • Chris F

          That. Is. The. Best. Ever.

    • Chris F

      Mass is an interesting thing for a pitcher. Sabbathia was the classic for this. He shed a ton of weight and couldnt pitch. Maybe its his center of mass or what ever, but on a pitcher its not necessarily the best thing. Who wants to see a svelt Colon? No one, thats who.

      In Familia’s case, Im viewing it as a smart move. He wasnt “all that” as a fatty.

  • Metsense

    Am I understanding this right? BVW lost 210 lbs in Brooklyn. Familia lost 30 lbs in his “behind” and Alfonzo got lucky and lost his “ass”. Of the three people,who can see who the ass was?

  • TexasGusCC

    Leave it to #LOLMets to embarrass themselves. Let’s see: BVW is the GM, but Jeffrey is the COO and Fred is the CEO, and we have learned ‘that a low minors player cannot be released with Jeff allowing it’. Hence, we must assume Jeff was onboard with the decision. But it does seem weird that they can put Alfonso in the Hall of Fame, but they can’t give him a reason why he was terminated after winning a championship nor can they offer him another position in the organization?

    Something doesn’t add up. If Alfonso went into GM’s office and pulled “a Riggleman” and demand either an increase or a promotion and Brodie didn’t like that, well… But, if nothing was wrong and they canned him for nothing, then putting him in the Hall of Fame, that right now sure seems like butt kissing to me….

  • MattyMets

    Granderson just announced his retirement. One of the most likable players to ever wear the blue and orange. Not sure if he’ll coach, announce or something else but I’ll always root for him and would love to see him return to the Mets organization in some capacity.

  • Chris F

    With the Mets inviting Matt Adams to Spring Training, is Smith on the way out?

    • Mike W

      Maybe. They are signing some veterans for depth.

      Maybe BVW isnt done yet. Look at who could use Smith.

    • TexasGusCC

      Chris, I came here to say that. I don’t like this transaction at all. Not because I am so averse to Adams, but it creates the availability to get move Smith. But, what for? To get rid of Lowrie, as I read earlier today? So, to fix another BVW fuck-up, we need to hurt our talent pool, again? Just keep giving away young talent gives the perception that he doesn’t worry about the future too much. If they trade Smith for something of equal value, great! I’m not in love with Smith anyway, there are several first base candidates on this team, so why Adams? If they want to get rid of Lowrie, pay down his contract and trade him for a low ball prospect. That’s how real teams work.

      • Metsense

        Adams’ signing is just insurance and affords options for BVW to explore the “right deal”. Smith’s role will be the primary left handed pinch hitter off the bench and occasional start in left field and first base.
        Smith is inexpensive and controllable and has potential market value. Adams has no market value. As evidence, he could not secure a major league contract even though there are teams looking to upgrade first base. He is not on the roster and is not blocking a prospect in Syracuse.
        Lowrie, as well as Cespedes , have to prove themselves healthy and a better player than JD Davis . Otherwise they should be expensive bench players.

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