Predicted standings (subject to change with roster changes)

New York Mets: 93-79
Atlanta Braves: 90-82
Washington Nationals: 85-77
Philadelphia Phillies: 81-81
Miami Marlins: 67-95

Source: Will Leitch,

These aren’t the five areas of concern that I would point out for each club but it’s still nice to see someone not thinking that certain clubs are unbeatable.

2 comments on “Five big questions facing each NL East club

  • Brian Joura

    The most interesting thing in the article for me was that the Phillies haven’t made the playoffs since 2011, which is currently the fifth-longest drought. I wonder how many people outside of Philadelphia think they’re going to break that streak this season.

  • Remember1969

    Thanks for posting this link here – I had not seen it.

    In many ways it mirrors an exercise I have started on my own (for a possible post later?) by listing the starter at each position for each NL East team as listed in the MLB depth chart on the team page, then using an ranking 1-5. It is purely instinctive and subjective, but I tried to use the question of “would I trade this player for that player by himself” to do my ranking. (ex. Soto is ranked higher than Dickerson because there is no way I’m swapping them. Others were harder ex. Conforto/Harper)

    By doing this, I have seen the strengths and weaknesses of each team and my questions about each are quite similar.

    It is interesting to see the question of depth brought up in the Mets piece. In my analysis to date, I have just about concluded that the Mets position depth is greater than any other team, with the possible exception of the Nats. The issue with them is that their starters are generally weaker (see the “how many people can we throw at third base” comment) except for LF, SS, and potentially CF.

    The other question I would add to both Philly and NY is “how much difference, positive or negative” will the new manager make? Can Girardi get more than 100% from that series of parts the way he always seemed to with the Yankees? Will Rojas lack of MLB experience show?

    Other than that, I agree with Leitch’s projected finish order, although I think the first to 90 wins will win it . .

    Mets 90-72
    Braves 87-75
    Nats 84-76
    Phils 82-80
    Marlins 72-90

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