The Narrative:  This one is half-based on the famous 1973 World Series photograph of Willie Mays and half-based on my experience at a Shea Stadium Camera Day.   It sort of ties in what a kid or a fan feels during a game, what a player feels at the end of a season or a career, and what fans feel if their team doesn’t come out on top.  There is just one version of this song.

Willie Kneeling

Camera Day
Kodak in hand.
Twelve year old kid
In the right field stands.
Willie walks by
Out there at Shea.
So close to greatness
But so far away.

Koosman’s got
His hat pushed back.
Milner’s there
Swinging a bat.
He hears Jane Jarvis
Play her notes.
And everything
That the Tin Pan wrote.

Day moves along
The crowd departs.
Mets make the playoffs
World Series starts.

But Buddy boy
Flies too high to the base.
Homeplate Ump
Seals his fate.
Willie’s there
Down on his knees.
He asks old Augie,
“Make the safe call, please.”

Mets lose in seven
To the Oakland A’s.
So close to greatness
But so far away.

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