The Mets were on an extended run of good news. From the time they finally moved on from Carlos Beltran through Sunday, the only bad news they received was the loss of Noah Syndergaard. Now, not to diminish the loss of Syndergaard – who potentially is a 1A SP. But the reality is that in 2019, Syndergaard was a durable league-average starter. With six guys in the original Spring Training who were primarily starters in 2019, along with Seth Lugo, who wants to be a starter – the Mets were in a somewhat decent position to replace a league-average starter. And the shortened season negated one of Syndergaard’s strengths last year. No pitcher will make 32 starts in 2020.

But yesterday the Mets were hit with the potential loss of Jacob deGrom, which is a whole different story. He left his simulated game with back tightness. Could be one of those things that clears up after a couple of days. Or it could be one of those things that lingers for months. Hopefully we’ll know more today or tomorrow.

Oh, and Robinson Cano returned. The reader can decide if that was the continuation of good news or the start of the bad news.

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  • JimO

    A new name has entered the picture for purchasing the team. MLB Rumors reports that billionaire Sheldon Adelson has emerged as a potential buyer.

    • Brian Joura

      He’s involved in the group with the 76ers owners. Makes that group better funded than Cohen but not sure a better option.

    • Chris F


  • Dennis Spellman

    Why are you always so hard on Robinson Cano? He is a borderline Hall of Fame player who had an off year last year. For all you know he can bounce back & have an all star year in 2020 & 2021. I think you should cut him some slack & remember his status in the league, instead of always bashing him.

    • Brian Joura

      Let’s see – he was the highest paid guy on the Opening Day roster and he ended up tied for 9th in production, with the same fWAR as a guy with 226 fewer PA. Just barely edged out the offensive production of Jacob deGrom, despite 353 more PA for Cano
      He’s old and he plays a position that in MLB in general and the Mets in particular regularly sees guys fall of a cliff production-wise
      They traded away a future star at a key defensive position to get him
      The Mets already had 2B covered with Jeff McNeil, making getting Cano a pointless move
      His lack of hustle/effort is not anything that should be considered good
      He’s already failed a drug test and will get a season-long ban if he fails another

      You’re right – if Cano retired now, he’s a borderline HOFer. But the fact that he was good 3 years ago on another team just doesn’t carry any weight with me. If Cano has a great year, I’ll say so. If Cano delivers the game-winning hit in a World Series game, I’ll cheer with everyone else. I’m not rooting for him to be bad. But I’m not going to pretend that getting him was a good idea, even in the abstract. They gave up far too much in money and prospects to get him. And then he was lousy. Right now there’s just not enough lipstick in the world to make this look good.

      • Chris F


    • Mike W

      Let’s see, we gave up our future young star center fielder and starting pitcher for a guy who is over the hill and overpaid with four years left on his contract.

      Be different if we got young Cano.

  • JimO

    I am hearing a rumor that DeGrom might have some back issues. Anyone else hear anything about that?

    • Chris F

      Left game yesterday woth a tight back. MRI today revealed no injury.

      • JimO


  • Dennis Spellman

    You know this deal was made because we wanted Diaz & Seattle wanted to get out from under Cano’s contract. . Also we have no idea when or if the supposed prospects will reach stardom or even stick in the major leagues, I agree if we had just traded for Cano it would have been a bad trade but you can’t say it was a bad trade based on one year of awful production from both players in the trade. I think you have to wait for the prospects to do something at the major league level & at least until 2021 to see what the value is. I also think you will see a much better Robinson Cano this season & next.

    • Brian Joura

      The problem is that BVW viewed Cano as an essential part of the deal, saying that the trade filled two primary needs. Cano wasn’t a throw-in, he was a piece actively traded for. The idea that the Mets are on the hook for $100 million for a 2B in his age 36-40 seasons is mind boggling. If Cano was a free agent following the 2018 season, maybe he gets 2/$15 – although my expectation is he wouldn’t even get that – certainly nowhere near 5/$100. And if that wasn’t bad enough – Cano had a full no-trade clause that he reportedly was only going to waive to play in NY. The Mariners had no leverage and got another team to pay 83% of a terrible contract for five years.

      BVW was swindled.

      And just in case there was any doubt, this was not some second guess after Cano stunk up the joint. This was written before the trade was even official

      • TJ

        BVW was definitely played like a fiddle by the Mariners. And he had Jeffy pushing him too, to block the Phillies from grabbing Diaz. Now, most including me, saw Diaz as perhaps the most desirable closer in the game. His debacle last year was stunning, even when discounting due to the up and down nature of bullpen arms. Dealing Kelenic given his position and projections, but rumor had it they wanted McNeil, so at least that didn’t happen. The bottom line is that the Mets got played for about $40 million, as Cano at the back end for $12 million a year would have been manageable, and cutting him if he stunk no financial biggie. But we now know the motivation…like when the Marlins signed Stanton, ownership was less concerned about future commitments and. Ore concerned with propping up The team for a looming sale. Hopefully the new ownership will be willing to eat the Cano money if he is done.

  • Bob P

    I think right now you absolutely can say it was a bad trade. A top 20 prospect in MLB plus a good pitching prospect and we took on a terrible contract. Then add on top that both Cano and Diaz were awful. This is a terrible trade now. I sure hope Cano and Diaz turn it around but I will be shocked if we ever get to a point where anyone thinks this was a good trade from the Mets standpoint. I really do hope it happens but I’m not holding my breath.

    • Terry

      I agree with Bob P

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