On July 22, 1986, the New York Mets played a road game against the Cincinnati Reds.  Bobby Ojeda started against rookie Scott Terry.  The Red led 3-1 with two outs in the 9th inning when Dave Parker dropped what should have been the final out of the game. 

In the 10th inning, pinch-runner Eric Davis stood on 2nd base, after Pete Rose had hit a pinch-hit single.  Ray Knight was the Mets’ third baseman.  What happened next has become one of the team’s most memorable brawls. Here’s the YouTube video:

At 10 seconds in: Davis breaks to third while Eddie Milner strikes out. 

At 11 seconds in: Knight takes the throw from Gary Carter.  Davis emerges from the slide and faces the first base line and seems to declare himself safe.

At 12 seconds in: Knight looks to the umpire while the umpire calls Davis safe. Knight then looks down at Davis to see if he has taken his foot off the bag. Meanwhile, Davis also turns to the umpire to get confirmation of the call and possibly elbows Knight in the process. Then Knight begins to lean over Davis possibly to take advantage of any unintentional lifting of the foot.

At 13 seconds in: Knight continues to lean into Davis while the umpire is still signaling the safe call.  Davis looks back to see what Knight is doing.  Davis then begins to lose his balance and Knight looks to the umpire to see if he can get an “out” call.

At 14 seconds in:  Davis faces Knight and pushes him back.  The umpire tries to intercede.  Davis and Knight fully square off against each other.  Eye-to-Eye.

At 15 seconds in: Davis forces Knight backwards off the base.  Knight then launches a right cross into Davis’s face while the umpire hold Davis around the waist.  Davis gets spun to the right by the force of the punch.

At 16 seconds in: Knight prepares to continue the fight while Davis tires to regain his balance (he is still being held by the umpire).

At 17 seconds in: Davis does a complete 360 degree turn around the umpire while Knight takes a step back.  Other club members begin to join the fray.

The chaos continued for another two minutes.  Another serious fight ensued with Kevin Mitchell taking on more Reds.  Four ejections from the game followed: Knight, Davis, Mitchell, Mario Soto, and Reds coach, Billy DeMars.  Mets manager, Davey Johnson protested the game because the Mets lost two position players while the Red lost only two.  

Carter took over at third base for Knight.  Ed Hearn went behind the plate. Jesse Orosco then took over in right field to replace Mitchell.   Orosco and Roger McDowell then swapped spots with each other until Howard Johnson won the game with a three-run home run in the 14th inning

6 comments on “Ray Knight threw a right – started a fight

  • Eraff

    Ray Knight was an A-Hole—started that fight. A Guy you like only if he’s on your team

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  • Mike W

    I remember this well. It was a good brawl.

  • Brian Joura

    Where’s George Foster?

    • Will

      Foster stayed in the dugout…told reporters later that he didn’t want to send the wrong message to kids watching the game…truth was, he was mad at Davey Johnson for benching him for Kevin Mitchell and knew the Mets were going to cut him anyway now….three days later, he got his wish

  • Rob

    Theres a video on youtube gary carter at third base. He made some really nice plays. Thise were the days when you needed a guy to play elsewhere they would get it done.

  • JimO

    From what I read, the Reds fans can’t stand Knight.

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