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A couple of notes from Anthony DiComo of

1. Dominic Smith is the team’s emergency catcher. In fact, he considers himself the emergency everything. He wanted to pitch in Monday’s blowout.

2. Gary Gentry was inducted into College Baseball’s Hall of Fame. “Gentry, 73, starred for Arizona State in the 1967 College World Series. He struck out 229 batters that season, an NCAA single-season record that stood for 40 years, and finished 17-1 with a 1.14 ERA.”

8 comments on “Wednesday catch-all thread (8/12/20)

  • MattyMets

    That Gary Gentry stat is awesome. Inspired me to look up some NCAA baseball records:

    Most of the pitching records are held by obscure names. After all, many pitching phenoms go straight to the pros after high school and many top college pitchers suffer injuries or flame out in the minors. One name stands out however – Todd Helton. Yeah, the .300+ hitting third baseman was an awesome pitcher at one time. His 47 consecutive scoreless innings streak still stands as an NCAA record.

    Pete Incaviglia – remember him? – holds both the single season and career (100) home run records. In 1985, he hit 48 home runs in just 75 games for Oklahoma State. He finished that season with a record 143 RBI.

    • Rob

      I am pretty sure i mentioned this before but my dad went to school with Randy Sterling who the Mets picked in first round. He would have swore the guy was future all star. The stats were in a team book from high school. His numbers were insane.

  • JimO

    I just want to say that Andres Gimenez looks really good out there in the field – I hope he keeps getting opportunities.

    • Metsense

      Gimenez is a catalyst for the Offense and is the best defensive player in the infield. He has earned the starting position at shortstop. I wouldn’t bury Rosario on the bench either .

  • Mike W

    Gsellman is going into the rotation. And yes, I really like Gimenez. Better than Guillorme as a utility player.

  • Brian Joura

    “The Mets’ sale process is nearing a finish with much still left in the air.
    Suitors are preparing to make final bids by a just set Aug. 31 deadline, as first reported Tuesday by Sportico.
    Yet, the three main remaining bidders have not seen the detailed Mets financials and are expected to start reviewing the numbers in depth later this week, sources close to different bidding parties said.”

  • MatyyMets

    If a team sale is imminent, I hope that the Wilpons and BVW can resist making a desperate trade.

  • Brian Joura

    File this under – Better late than never but why the hell was it late?

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