Back in 1966, the Mets weren’t considered a good team but they did participate with a few other major league teams in a gas station plastic cup giveaway promotion. That year, the Mets joined the Cincinnati Reds, the Cleveland Indians, the Detroit Tigers, and the Los Angeles Dodgers in giving away these cups featuring the baseball sports portraits of Nicholas Volpe.

The other Mets featured in their team set are: Yogi Berra, Larry Bearnarth, Jack Fisher, Rob Gardner, Jim Hickman, Ron Hunt, Ed Kranepool, Tug McGraw, Roy McMillan, Dick Stuart, and Ron Swoboda.

In 1966, Lewis was coming off his best professional season in which he had hit 15 HRs, 45 RBIs, and batted .245. He played both right field and center field and was considered to have one of the best arms in the league. His throwing prowess led to his nickname, “The Gunner”. For Mets fans, he is often remembered for beating Jim Maloney and breaking up his extra-inning no-hitter.

Some people might look at Lewis’s career and say that he didn’t live up to his potential but he survived the tragic loss of his wife early in his career while with the Cardinals and later returned to them as a coach, scout, and minor league manager.

These cups aren’t too costly if you can find them. The most expensive being the Berra cup which could cost around $50-75 dollars in excellent condition. This Lewis cup could run between $10-25 dollars.

Here is toast to the memory of Johnny Lewis and the 1966 Mets!

5 comments on “The 1966 Johnny Lewis Volpe Tumbler

  • Brian Joura

    I dig the gas station collectibles and I’m shocked that these Volpe Tumblers weren’t in my house, at least not that I remember.

    The two that always leap to mind are the Citgo Mets portraits and the little round glassware that had the logos of the Jets and Giants on them There’s still a Jets one at my mom’s house that I drank out of here recently.

    • Rob

      Those of you who may recall western beef had coffee mugs of Mets & Yankees in early 80s. Cant find the anywhere on the web but my dad had his hubie brooks and lee mazzilli ones. They sat in the cabinet for years.

      • JimO

        I have never heard of the Western Beef Coffee Mugs. I’ll have to start my research into those…..

        • Rob

          The logo on one side and low quailty paint print of player on the other.

  • Jacqueline H Boucher

    I’m one of Red’s kids. It was my basement he slept in. The boys of the Summer. Baseball lost a great one yesterday.
    RIP Tom Terrific. ❤️‼️

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