It’s no fun to lose games. It’s even less fun when you do things that have no chance of working out. Let’s look at the last two games for the Mets. On Monday, David Peterson started and fans felt pretty good about that because he’s been solid. But Peterson didn’t have it and the Mets fell into a big hole quickly. It wasn’t fun yet it wasn’t utter disgust. Contrast that with Tuesday, when Michael Wacha started and once again didn’t have it. Not many fans were upset with Peterson – a bad game every now and then happens. But Wacha put up his fifth straight bad game. How long can you continue to throw him out there in a 60-game season?

Steven Matz was removed from the rotation after four straight bad games. And the Mets have seen Matz given them back-to-back seasons of league-average pitching. Why does he have a shorter leash than Wacha? In case you didn’t know – because he was on another team last year – Wacha had a 4.76 ERA and an 89 ERA+. He wasn’t good last year and he missed half the year in 2018. That’s why he was available so cheaply this past offseason. Wacha was worth signing – there was some upside there. But that upside simply hasn’t materialized. Continuing to chase that is a mistake.

The Mets don’t have a good choice to replace Wacha. But when your decision is between someone you’re pretty sure is no good and someone you’re absolutely sure is no good, well, you opt for the former. Erasmo Ramirez may only have a five percent chance of giving a Quality Start. But that’s five percent more than Wacha

3 comments on “Wednesday catch-all thread (9/9/20)

  • Mack


    Step back.

    Start writing all mames on the lineup cards with players you feel can help you in 2021.

    Nothing else.

    Call up Thomas Szapucki and Harol Gonzalez and them both replace Wacha and Porcello.

    Call up Ryley Gilliam to replace Gsellman.

  • Mike W

    We just dont have the horses to catch up. We have a couple of good games with deGrom and Lugo and then we fall back with terrible pitching from the rest. It is not a formula for success. Could be a different story if Syndergaard didnt get hurt or Stroman didnt quit.

    I agree, lets see what we have for next year. No need for Todd Frazier either. Looking forward to Cohen. Hope he spends money, but not stupid money on less than the best free agents.

    • TexasGusCC

      Mike, after the Mets had their second baseman in Cano, BVW went and gave $30MM to Cano and Lowrie, annually. Why???????? You know what they could have down with that money to bring in a stud difference maker? Not to mention taking Porcello’s share and Wacha’s. So, with that $43MM, you get Wheeler ($18MM), Grandal ($15MM] (so you offer $1.25MM more a year for four years, big deal), and another good reliever.

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