In another lifetime, my byline used to be over a bunch of prep and collegiate stories. Doing the games was a lot of fun but interacting with parents and super fans was mostly a drag. If you didn’t write glowing things about their children or their favorites, you’d be accused of bias and it didn’t matter how many times you told them that the only thing you rooted for was a good story to tell.

So, I totally get the “story” angle. One story we’re being told is how Steve Cohen grew up a Mets fan and now he’s going to spend a big chunk of his fortune into bringing Mets fans a championship. It’s a nice little story and it’s a long way from the last ownership story, which was how Fred Wilpon grew up a Brooklyn Dodgers fan and went to school with Sandy Koufax. It’s a story that prompted our own Charlie Hangley to remark, “The Wilpons love a team they don’t own and own a team they don’t love.”

But it was a little depressing listening to the introductory news conference yesterday and hearing veteran reporters ask Cohen to recount what his favorite Mets memory was and if he hated the Yankees. They had that particular “aw shucks” story front and center in their mind and so what if you only got to ask a question or two, this is what they were going to ask. If they had the chance to ask George Washington one question, they’d ask about the cherry tree. Or to give it a Mets slant – if you got to ask Tom Seaver one question, would you ask him if Lou Brock really asked him to fetch a Coke at the ’67 All-Star game?

Sure, there were questions he wasn’t going to answer. Cohen wasn’t going to reveal the exact payroll for the upcoming season or list who his top offseason free agent target was. But I’d like to think that those who got paid to do this for a living would come up with something more insightful than asking Cohen about his thoughts as a kid about the Yankees.

One might make the case that since this was an introductory news conference, it was the perfect time to do a back story on how Cohen came to be a Mets fan. But hasn’t that story already been told over and over again in the mainstream media? Haven’t we been reading variants of that story since Cohen’s first attempt to buy the team nearly a year ago? Was there anyone with an interest in the Mets who didn’t know that story? If Cohen had some deep hatred for, say, Bobby Richardson – wouldn’t we know that by now?

Here are some questions off the top of my head that would be more interesting:

What are Cohen’s feelings about Citi Field?
Does he plan to be a regular at the park and talk to the media, like Nelson Doubleday, or be more reclusive like the Wilpons?
Does he know David Einhorn (seems like all NY billionaires should know each other) and did he speak to him about his attempt to purchase the club?
Were there any pre-conditions on the approval of the purchase of the club to be a hawk in upcoming labor issues with the players?
Since Old Timers’ Day is a go – can we make it so that Ron Darling pitches to Keith Hernandez in the game?

It just seems to me that each and every person reading this, if you spent 30 minutes thinking about things to ask the new Mets owner – you could come up with a dozen questions better than anything to do with the Yankees. And wind up with better stories, too.

10 comments on “Wednesday catch-all thread (11/11/20)

  • Mike W

    I would ask him if he watches Billions.

    Fun question for everybody. Who will be the first free agent signed and first player traded?

    I think the Mets sign Charlie Morton and trade JD Davis.

  • TJ

    Stroman accepts QO. It makes sense for the player and it positions the team very well for a marketplace that they should have a tremendous advantage in. Yesterday, Alderson lamented on not being in charge to grab Brad Hand for $10 miilion…the entire league passed on that opportunity. This all bodes incredibily well for Met fans this winter. The team has an excellent opportunity to add high level talent at their price in terms of years. If not, there should be plenty of other players available.

  • JimO

    Great start in getting Stroman back (put the 2020 discussions behind us). I also hope the team does something with the over-preponderance of lights and advertising at the stadium; I understand that you need some of it but if we could dial it back just a bit, that’d be great. The entertainment should be on the field.

  • Brian Joura

    If you’re Justin Wilson’s agent, and you hear what Sandy said about Brad Hand, do you propose a lower offer now? Wilson was on a 2/$10 deal – do you propose 3/$12?

    • TJ

      His agent could try. Wilson is a fine pitcher, but Hand has been more dominant in recent years, and he has recorded more saves. I’d still target him first.

      Alderson usually chooses his words carefully. He indicated that grabbing hand off waivers at $10 million would have been an overpay (based on the entire league passing), but the value of the transaction as a statement was worth the premium. I agree with him, plus having “another” closer, and a lefty, deepens the pen. And with Stroman signing, there is a better chance of Lugo in the pen. A back and of Diaz-Lugo-Hand with wildcards of Betances and Familia is pretty appealing at not much additional cost.

  • HOF19

    Stroman put this on his twitter account (About Cohen’s press conference )>>>>> “After watching the presser, I’m beyond excited to play for you sir. I could feel the excitement and passion you’re going to bring daily. Let’s go be great”<<<<<< Stuff I like to hear from the players that play on my team ……Lets Go Mets !!!!!

    • TexasGusCC


      If Stroman got a decent offer he would have jumped on it. But if Gausman had multi-year offers in hand as he claims and still accepted the QO after being healthy and having a good year, how bad would it have been for Stroman coming off an injury and hadn’t pitched in a year? Brodie bailed him out with this favor, as Brodie has screwed alot of things up. No wonder he’s Wilpon’s buddy. There’s a Greek saying: Show me who your friends are and I’ll know what you are. Perfect! Guarantee the reality of things hurt Stroman’s tremendous ego.

  • José

    Big congrats to Mattingly for winning NL Manager Award.

    Even though his entire playing career was with The Evil Empire, I always liked and had much respect for Donnie Baseball; without a doubt the second greatest fielding first basemen I’ve ever seen

  • JimO

    SNY posted an update on Noah Syndergaard’s return after TJ surgery. Things seem to be progressing well. Should the team consider keeping Matz in the rotation for 4-6 weeks while we await a fully recovered Thor?

  • MattyMets

    Francisco Lindor would be a monster acquisition. How much is too much? He’s a superstar but only has one year left and Cleveland is motivated to deal him. If something like Davis, Gimenez and Matz gets it done, awesome. I’d throw in Gsellman and a not top 5 prospect too. I’d consider offering the same package for Arenado too but sub Rosario for Gimenez.

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