All of us were knocked for a loop over the Covid madness of 2020. The joke is if 2020 was a product, everyone would rate it one star with the “wouldn’t recommend” tagline. But as Mets fans, the last few months of 2020 have been the best we’ve experienced in several years. Since then, we’ve lost the Wilpons and gained Steve Cohen. Lost Brodie Van Wagenen and gained Sandy Alderson. Lost Robinson Cano and gained Marcus Stroman. Forget the “gained” aspect of those three sets – even if there were no replacements in place, those would be three terrific examples of addition by subtraction. The Wilpons were meddling, bumbling clowns, Van Wagenen was in over his head and Cano was an overpaid drug cheat. Not having to root for those three parts will make being a Mets fan going forward so much more enjoyable.

But that doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods. The team still has some significant holes, poor defensive fits and too many similar players. Cano being busted for PEDs helps tremendously as it takes one of the lefty-hitting corner players and allows him to move to the position he should have been playing the past two years. Hopefully the Mets don’t botch this rare sports do-over that allows them to rectify a giant mistake of the past.

But unless they go on a spending spree similar to what Chris Dial proposed last month, it seems likely that there will still be an issue or three with how the team is shaped for Opening Day. Which brings us to today’s poll question:

What's the one thing you don't want to see happen in 2021?

  • Someone besides Jeff McNeil being the primary starter at 2B (38%, 10 Votes)
  • Brandon Nimmo being the primary starter in CF (35%, 9 Votes)
  • Dominic Smith being the primary starter in LF (19%, 5 Votes)
  • J.D. Davis being the primary starter at 3B (8%, 2 Votes)

Total Voters: 26

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13 comments on “Poll: How would you keep the Mets’ late 2020 good fortune going?

  • David Groveman

    The Mets still need another starting pitcher to bridge the gap until Noah Syndergaard is back from his rehab. MLB Trade Rumors suggests the following options and signing figures.

    Trevor Bauer – Four years, $128MM
    Jake Odorizzi – Three years, $39MM
    James Paxton – One year, $10MM
    Taijuan Walker – Two years, $16MM
    Corey Kluber – One year, $12MM
    Charlie Morton – One year, $8MM
    Robbie Ray – One year, $6MM
    Chris Archer- One year, $4MM

    It might be a bit much to expect the Mets to obtain Bauer and a wishlist of other players but there are a number of options within a more affordable projected cost that would make sense. Especially when the Mets have the opportunity to have a true centerfielder for the first time in far too long.

    George Springer – Five years, $125MM
    Jackie Bradley Jr – Two years, $16MM

    George Springer looks like the most obvious choice for the heavily lefty Mets lineup, though he hasn’t been 100% in center field for a while. It’s worth noting that since the Mets declined to pick up Wilson Ramos or Robinson Chirinos that they’ll also be looking for a catcher.

    J.T. Realmuto – Five years, $125MM
    James McCann – Two years, $20MM
    Yadier Molina – One year, $10MM

    The difference between the top option and the second two is steep but, if the Mets were to sign Springer, Molina or McCann would fit into a strong lineup as some much needed defensive help. All of this ignores that many relievers on the Mets staff were underwhelming. While the Mets seem to have finally allowed Seth Lugo back into the rotation I might expect them to look at bringing on someone as insurance for Edwin Diaz.

    Brad Hand – Two years, $14MM
    Trevor Rosenthal – Two years, $14MM
    Trevor May – Two years, $14MM

    Sitting at $138.4MM for the year ( it would not be impossible to see the Mets signing Walker ($8MM), Springer ($25MM), McCann ($10MM) and Rosenthal ($7MM) to bring them up to $188.4MM. Or, if Steve Cohen is to be believed, and the Mets intend to spend like a “Big Market Franchise” to see them buy even more.

  • Dan Capwell

    I think all of us need to come down from the “sugar-rush” we got after Big Stevie’s press conference. I suggest taking a more measured approach to the names we’ve been connected with so far:
    *Bauer: Great year last year, last three not so much
    *JTR: 30 years old on OD. Bad hip
    *Springer: Turns 31 in September. Whispers of needing to be moved off of CF. OPS would have been 4th on the 2020 Mets
    *Lindor: Some team with more prospects will take him on for a year and gamble in the offseason.
    *Arenado: Look at his splits. Costs $199M.

    I would rather we aimed just a bit lower. Making rash moves that we’ll regret later is probably not the way to go here. Instead:
    *Extend Conforto
    *Sign James McCann to a 3-year deal
    *Sign Brad Hand to a 2-year deal
    *Trade Amed Rosario and Tomas Nido to CLE for Austin Hedges, Delino DeShields, Yu Chang, and Logan Allen
    * Trade Edwin Diaz to HOU for Myles Straw, Blake Taylor (bring him back), and Jairo Solis

    • José

      Nope. I want Springer, Bauer and Realmuto, and forget everything else you mentioned. No time for carefully considered thoughtful moves; I’m too old for these incremental changes.

      I say spend Cohen’s Monopoly™ money freely, and I plan to hold my breath until I get my way

  • TJ

    At those prices,
    I go Springer, McCann for positional players.

    For the pen, I love adding Hand with the strong possibility of Lugo returning to the pen. A back end of Diaz-Hand-Lugo is very enticing.

    The starters get interesting. Bauer would of course look great behind Jake. He scares me, but I’d prefer to put money into him over Realmuto…likely less risk. They still need one other proven starter.

    I might be more inclined to go with Odorizzi instead of Bauer. Then I’d add someone like Paxton or Kluber, a guy with troubles in 2020 but a proven track record of success. I’d bring back Matz and let him battle Peterson for the #5 in spring training. That would leave two starters signed beyond 2021 and a bunch of guys on one year deals trying to secure a multiyear deal after 2021, battling for limited spots in the rotation. That makes for good competition and flexibility beyond 2021. Of course, if money and future commitment is no concern, signing Bauer and Odorizzi to multi-year deals works for 2021-22, but it may hamper the ability to retain Syndergaard after 2021.

    • Remember1969

      TJ . . good points.

      In this crazy Covid environment, who know what the markets are going to look like. There have only been two real signings – Ray for 1 yr $8M with the Blue Jays, and Smyly for 1 yr $11M with the Braves. Ray seemed just a tad light to me and Smyly seems like an overpay, so we cannot learn much. The qualifying offers that Stroman and Gausman accepted done add a lot of clarity.

      If Bauer isn’t finding the market to his advantage after most teams are pleading poverty with only a couple that are known to be adding payroll, he may very well end up with the one year deal he was always yacking about. In that case, I’m OK with taking a flyer on that for $25 to #30M. Then go get either Odorizzi or Taijaun Walker (or both). I like Peterson/Szapucki as a single backend started for now.

      I also agree that Springer and McCann are the two at the top of the list. Hand would look really nice out there as well

      • Bob P

        I agree. I’m not all in on Bauer for a couple of reasons but could definitely live with a one year deal. I did see something about the Rays making Snell available. I’d look into that.

  • Metsense

    The primary free agent target should be Springer because his impact would be greater offensively and defensively. He would be an impact right handed bat that would balance the lineup. He would defensively improve three positions. Obtaining him will move Nimmo to left and Smith to 1B/DH.
    Centerfield and third base are their weakest defensive positions. Centerfield is more important defensively than third base.

  • Mike W

    I like LeMahieu to play third and either Realmuto or Springer. Walker is looking like a good deal for the rotation. Like his age too.

    A lot of teams are going to cut payroll. That means some good players may be non tendered.

    Also, finally saw a rumor about the Rays possibly trading Blake Snell. I would love to land Snell. He still has three years of control.

    Dont want to trade assets for Lindor. We dont need a shortstop.

    I think the team is going to look very different. I also think that they wont go crazy and sign a bunch of the top free agents.

    Remember, it will probably take two years to get to championship caliber.

  • Chris F

    Can’t vote as the bottom three are all the same. McNeil at 2B. Nimmo in left (or traded), Davis On bench (or traded), Dom at 1B (or traded).

  • TexasGusCC

    James McCann was an all-star in 2019, too. I think MLBTR has him severely undervalued, and can see 3/$42 for him, at least. But, I see Cohen making a huge splash somewhere. I can see a trade for a player that may be expensive to his current team, i.e.: take Jason Hayward for CF (who is actually better than Bradley but has 3 years and $65MM left) and make the Cubs cough up Willson Contreras and Kris Bryant too. Contreras is 29 next year and has two more years of arbitration left. By then, Francisco Alvarez should be close to taking over. The return would be something decent for the Cubs, but they wouldn’t ask for much if you take their biggest headache off their hands and give them something for a player like Contreras who is a very good catcher. Maybe Davis and Guillorme?

  • TexasGusCC

    To continue on the above, Bryant would get Cano’s money and Contreras and Heyward would cheaper than say McCann and Springer allowing for a stud pitcher or two.

  • Peter

    Tanaka innings, leadership
    Springer CF
    Realmuto. Offense & defense

    These 3 for Christmas.

    Giminez is fun to watch.

    McNeil belongs at 2B

    We’ll all be watching to see what Jared Kelenic does in 2021.

  • MattyMets

    Among the FAs, I like Realmuto, Springer, LeMahieu, and Hand. Ideally we land at least two of those, plus next tier alternatives for the ones we miss out on. As far as rotation help, I think the trade market is the way to go. Lot of teams are looking to cut payroll. As controllable, young players with upside, Davis and Rosario are very good trade chips to have right now. Snell would be amazing. Lance Lynn would work too. Plenty of other options. Bauer is a headcase and doesn’t have the track record to warrant that big a pay day. Clubhouse chemistry is so good right now – Bauer is the type that could mess it up.

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