Realistically, what free agents do you see the Mets signing – and when? The Mets have roughly $50 million to spend and Sandy Alderson is already on record saying it makes more sense to be in the free agent market, where you only have to give up money and not prospects. It’s hard to imagine the Mets not wanting clarity on the DH issue before moving forward. On the flip side, their wants can’t trump what the market dictates. It seems like James McCann was ready to sign, and had a team ready to sign him, which forced the Mets’ hand. George Springer makes a ton of sense if the DH is in the NL in 2021. Trevor Bauer fills their biggest need if they are willing to pay a starting pitcher as much or possibly more money than Jacob deGrom. It’s unlikely they can sign both without trading a salary away and they just don’t have a bunch of those. No one’s taking Jeurys Familia, which pretty much leaves Michael Conforto. Could they get enough back to make trading him worthwhile? It seems an avenue worth exploring but it doesn’t seem likely to end with a yes answer.

My opinion is the Mets could look at a CF, a SP and a RP or possibly 2 SP and a RP from free agency. Maybe that’s Springer, Jake Odorizzi and Liam Hendriks. Or possibly it’s Bauer, Taijuan Walker and Justin Wilson. My opinion is that it’s Springer or bust for center field. A lot of people are stumping for Jackie Bradley Jr. but his offense + defense in CF is not likely to exceed what Brandon Nimmo gives you there. So, why pay eight figures for that?

As for trades, that seems only to happen in a big way if they strike out on both Springer and Bauer. That Nolan Arenado contract is obscene but assuming his shoulder checks out it seems like some kind of salary relief could be baked into the trade, whether that was getting Robinson Cano to waive his no-trade clause or getting Colorado to take Familia and Dellin Betances along with sending money. Cano, J.D. Davis and a C-level prospect should be the ballpark. The last thing you want to do is repeat Brodie Van Wagenen’s mistake of trading top prospects for an old guy. But this type of trade, regardless of who the acquisition would be, seems to be a low-single-digits probability.

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  • Mike W

    I think it is Springer or bust. If we dont get Springer, I also do not like signing Bradley. Nimmo moves to left and Dom gets more bench time, so we would be losing Dom’s bat.

    I would pass on Bauer. Too much money for him. Walker would be a good pickup. Have to also wait to see how Syndergaard and Stroman play out this year.

    Yes, another very good reliever would be great, but I wouldn’t want to overpay. I view this as a two year process to start. Dont want to blow a budget now that hurts us in 22.

    All that being said, I want to wish all of you a Happy New Year. I am getting impatient to see the next moves and signings. That’s just my nature.

  • TJ

    As Met fans with a new rich owner, we’re all eager for some moves, and especially big moves. Watching the Padres, the San Diego Padres, act decisively and add major pieces was tough to take, even if we all know the Mets don’t have the prospect depth to compete.

    Anxiousness aside, I think time works in the Mets’ favor. Alderson acted quickly to secure needs at catcher and bullpen. While the bullpen market is deep, there was some risk at catcher, and they decided not to wait for Realmuto or settle for the low end of available players. Time will more or less work in their favor as the new GM and assistant dig in deep. It will be nice to get a high end guy like Bauer and Springer, as both fit the biggest needs, but neither is essential at the cost of a significant overpay. Alderson and Porter should be in a great position to exploit the late winter market and deepen the roster. Teams like Colorado and Cleveland could get very desperate in February. If the Angels and Blue Jays are ready to drastically overpay for Bauer and Springer, have plans B, C, and D in place to build the deepest 25 man roster in baseball.

  • Steve S.

    Sugano and Odorizzi for the rotation give us a good one: deGrom, Stroman, Sugano, Odorizzi and Peterson, with Syndergaard looming. Matz? See what he’s got in spring training.

    Hand and Lugo added to the pen give us a deep, good one there.

    Springer for CF at 5/125 with an option year gives the Mets more batting balance and moves Nimmo to LF. Smith plays some 1B, LF and 1B (there’s still a DH for half the inter-league games), and he also pinch hits.

    I’m worried about defense at 3B though. Overpay a bit to get Turner (another RH bat) back for two years. Trade Davis and/or Rosario for more pitching.

  • MattyMets

    The Mets need a CF upgrade. Springer makes a lot of sense. Another option is to trade for Kiermeier.

    I’m okay with making this move regardless of DH. If there is a DH it’s Alonso with Dom at first and Nimmo in left. If no DH, Dom in left with Nimmo as 4th OF or trade bait. Nimmo should not be our full time CF anymore.

    • Brian Joura

      Trading Nimmo is fine.

      Putting Nimmo on the bench is crazy. You don’t bench 4-win players.

  • Metsense

    Plan A : The Defensive Plan: Springer at 5/125, Odorizzi 3/39, Tanaka 3/39 is the preferred plan because it address the defense and rotation
    Plan B: The Pitching Plan: Bauer 5/150, Walker 3/30, Hand 2/18 is the fall back plan if they lose out on Springer
    Plan C: The Rays Plan: Odorizzi 3/39, Tanaka 3/39, Hand 2/18, Hendrix 2/20 is the fall back plan for Plan C. This bullpen would be lock down good.
    I don’t think that Cohen will be outbid for Springer and Crow-Armstrong should be ready on 2023 when Springer switches to a corner outfield position.

    • Metsense

      Springer want $150m+ for 6 years . That would mean he would be a 36 year old corner outfielder/DH. Although it would be uncomfortable it is still doable.
      Bauer wants $200m for 5 years. He is too costly and the $40m salary is risky for one player. He doesn’t have the resume to command that price. Plan C is more appealing.

  • Mike W

    Found my old ticket stub. Mets vs. Padres, June 1, 1975. Padres won 4-0 behind Alan Foster. Danny Frisella got the save. Randy Tate took the loss for the Mets. Sat in upper box seats.

  • Remember1969

    I think the really weird Covid market is playing havoc with both the owners and the players. It is very hard to see where contracts will end up and where the value is at this point. I am wondering if enough teams are pleading poverty that there just isn’t much market at all, which ultimately will result in the top guys taking one year deals. I can envision all of Realmuto, Bauer, Springer, Ozuna, and LeMahieu signing one year contracts and trying it again next year once (and if) things normalize. I cannot see enough spending competition for those players to get what they want or even what they are really worth in a real market.

    The outfield and pitching free agent markets are pretty weak for 2021-22; I think it the following might be realistic. Realmuto will certainly head up the catching market again.

    * Realmuto on a 1 year $25M deal, re-signing with the Phillies
    * Springer on a 1 year $27M deal with the Mets
    * Bauer on a 1 year $28M deal with the Angels
    * Ozuna on a 1 year $21M deal with the Braves
    * LeMahieu is the exception – a 3 year $63M deal with the Yankees

  • David Groveman

    Consider me firmly on the Springer bandwagon. I think the Mets are working to price Springer so they are able to come up with their budget for building out the rest of the rotation and the bullpen. I feel like the Mets know they need Springer and Springer knows that. It’s all a matter of a player having the team over the barrel. To be fair, the Mets would be well served by getting Springer locked up so they could finish their offseason plans.

    • JimO

      I think David is correct in his assessment.

      An interesting fact about George Springer. He overcame a stuttering condition as a youth and does charitable work for the National Association to help others overcome this.

    • Steve S.

      It works both ways. Springer knows the Mets want him, but other teams will not go to $150 million for him, so eventually he’ll get his $125 million or so, with an option year thrown in as a sweetener perhaps. The Mets may also pay him more on the backend of the deal (after Cano and others are gone).

  • Mike W

    In Seaver’s book, A Terrific Life, Gil Hodges is quoted in 1967.

    “As I see it, our biggest need here is a center fielder who can provide us defense and power. Agee will do that.”

  • JeffoRye

    Maybe try the analytics first. Addressing a serious need, add a free agent. Bullpen, Brad Hand was not tended a contract. Build an entire team through free agency and theres no sense of urgency, I think.

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