Well, that didn’t last long.

A little over a month after hiring him, the Mets have fired GM Jared Porter following an ESPN investigation that showed him sending multiple inappropriate texts to a female journalist back when he worked for the Cubs in 2016. So, in the span of about a year, the Mets have now had to fire both a recently-hired manager and GM.

This looks bad but bully for the Mets for standing up for the principles established by Steve Cohen. It’s one thing to say you’re all about integrity and zero tolerance. It’s another thing to walk the walk.

You would think that with multiple rounds of interviews that the Mets could do a better job of screening these high-profile hires. Perhaps along with beefing up the analytics department, the Mets can do something with their HR group, too. If nothing else, they should hire an Executive Search firm to do the background checks for them.

8 comments on “Mets fire Jared Porter after texting scandal comes to light

  • David Groveman

    After the Beltran debacle, you’d think the Mets would do a better job of vetting people.

  • Wobbit

    Good to know that someone with such poor, poor judgement will not be running the team. Egads. Just when we think the Mets have left the their troubles behind, they pull us back in. Let’s ask Seinfeld to step up.

  • Remember1969

    Good to see quick decisive action to stomp out the fire quickly, but yes, where was the vetting?

  • TJ

    Geez, that was bad, there was really no choice. I’m not sure under the circumstances that the Mets would be able to unearth this. It sounds like it was kept confidential and even ESPN sat on it by request and out of respect for the victim, only running with it now that she agreed so long as she remain anonymous.

    • Name

      If this was only known by a select few who kept quiet then there’s nothing that could have been done but if this rumor was already out there then shame on the Mets. And if this was already known by others, then the Cubs and Dbacks are also culpable for not seeking to discipline.

      In the future are employers going to have to ask around all press people/networks to see if they have any dirt or even bad rumors on potential employees? Would eliminate this type of scenario in the future but it would also basically leak all the job candidates to the media.

  • Metsense

    The Mets took the appropriate action by firing Porter. MLB should open up a investigation and find out why the Cubs employee did not report the incident. Sexual harassment is a crime

    • Metsense

      I feel sorry for the victim and the ordeal that she was put through.

  • Chris F

    From the different things I read, this was just disclosed to ESPN recently. Chicago, Arizona, or the Mets had no clue.

    Cohen did the right thing.

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