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From 2014-2020, the Mets were 72-52 against the Marlins. Yet, the perception existed that the Mets struggled against the Marlins. Now, maybe they didn’t take them behind the woodshed like the Braves did. But given that the Mets finished under .500 four of those years, you won’t find many teams that they have a better record against the past seven seasons.

This year, the Mets should have done better against the Marlins. They’re only 3-6 against them so far this year after their disastrous 1-3 mark against them in a series in the beginning of August which set the stage for a lousy month. The good news is they still have 10 games against them to alter the perception of how they do against the Marlins.

But somehow it’s hard to shake the feeling that even if the Mets go 8-2 against the Marlins down the stretch to finish with an 11-8 record against them to up their head-to-head record to +23 in the past eight seasons – people will still say they struggle against the team from Florida.

We should all struggle like that.

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  • Wobbit

    The season is still interesting. I welcomed Javy’s comments because it pretty well ensures that the Mets don’t bring him back, which I desperately desire. Who needs a guy that strikes out so regularly and so predictably? Egads he takes some horrible ABs…

    I also wish there was a way to quietly dump Lindor as well…

    In general, I gotta think (and really hoping) Cohen is gearing up for some wholesale changes. Bringing back Rojas would signal an unwillingness to make the sweeping changes needed to change the culture, so he needs to start there. Personally I like the GM, but Sandy is clearly past his shelf life…

    We have valuable trade chips… remake the team with much better pieces in place. A real 3B, a real CF, a real 2B… replace Conforto and Smith with a legit LH power guy, and more, team speed… maybe hypnotize Khalil Lee into hitting the baseball, bring in Baty and Mauricio. Not really sure that would be the answer… need a manager who makes baseball moves in real time, builds runs, and wins close games with speed and moxie.

    • Steve_S.

      Agree. It is guaranteed that Baez is gone. And good riddance! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a batter swing so regularly at pitches that are so far from the hitting zone! Lindor will say that the whole thumbs-down thing was a mistake and he’ll move on, flashing his smile without his buddy Javy around. Hopefully, his career isn’t on the downhill path.

      Cohen will keep Alderson and even Scott around, but bring in two capable people to really run the show. They will have as fresh a start as possible, getting a new manager, some new coaches, etc.

      As for the players, they should keep Davis and Drury, who can be valuable off the bench. I’m not sure about McNeil, who looked so good until this year. If nothing else, he is another valuable bench guy, along with Villar. Bryant would be a good signing, since he could play both the OF and 3B, both needs. I think Lee might be better the second time around, and Baty and Vientos might come up later next year. Cano needs to be gone. I’m not sure I’d even give Conforto a QO, but Syndergaard should get one. They need to sign/trade for some OFers (Nick Castellanos for one?), and a 2B guy (Chris Taylor?). Trade Dom Smith, if you can get a decent return.

      The pitching depends on health, of course. Ideally, a rotation of deGrom, Syndergaard, Carrasco, Stroman and Megill is damn good. Williams and others are OK backups. And the bullpen is good too, overall, I believe.

      • Steve_S.

        Oops, I forgot Walker in the rotation! I’d still sign Stroman.

  • Name

    A comment on the replay system :

    A play occurred on Sunday that required replay. When it went to headsets, Gary openly vented why it was taking the umps so long to make the decision like he usually does. It’s as if he expects the umps to put on the headsets and then have a snap decision ready in 5 sec, but does he not recognize that

    1. The replay umps are not watching in real time and probably don’t start looking at the play until the headsets are on. They are probably watching a few games at the same time too.
    2. By the time the headsets are called for, we the fans have already had the opportunity to watch it in real time and analyze a replay shown to us at least once.
    3. We the fans know exactly what is being contested on the play while the replay umps have to watch it once to figure out what is being challenged.

    So by the time the headsets are called for, the people watching it in real time are way ahead in the decision making process and while the decision may be obvious to us, the replay umps have to start from zero.
    So Gary can you stop complaining when a call takes 60 seconds instead of 5 seconds?

    • Brian Joura

      Everything you say is true. I still feel like it takes longer than it should to get the call made. It should be within 30 seconds of when they first see the play.

      • ChrisF

        For the scale of the money involved, it would be easy to have every game being watched. If you go to Premier League football, this is done on the field and very rapidly. Baseball is making a meal of this and its gotten out of hand. For the number of mistakes, every close play should be reviewwed on the field, hell on the jumbotron, and decided there.

        • TJ


          Employ a 5th ump in the crew, have a replay both at the park. 30 seconds for manager to decide to challenge. No dopey huddles. 20 seconds of review. If overturn not obvious stick with original call. Everyone happy.

          The goal is to eliminate obvious gaffes quick and improve pace of play to increase the fan experience.

          • TexasGusCC


          • JimO

            Yes – totally agree, Great solution.

            Plus make it one and done. Whether you win or lose the challenge. Managers do not get a 2nd challenge.

            • Brian Joura

              I don’t agree with this at all. Why should managers/teams be penalized for umpires’ incompetence? As long as the umps keep making the wrong call, teams should continue to have a challenge.

  • Wobbit

    For any shot at the post season, the Mets must reach 9 games over .500, which is where the Reds currently are.

    With 32 games left, that means they will have to win 23 more games.

    Good news: 15 against Miami and Wash… let’s say they win 12.
    Bad News: 17 games against the Yankees, Phillies, Red Sox, Brewers, and Braves… can they go 9-8 and get to 87 wins?

    It all starts with a DH sweep today.

  • Wobbit

    Name is illuminating that the “judges” are not watching the game, per se, but start to see the play well after it occurs… an important distinction. If this is the case, it explains why it takes longer than we think it should…

    Replay is here to stay… and baseball is circling the drainpipe… will continue to flounder as the world moves on… I’ll watch it until the end!
    I became “hooked” when Jay Hook won the first game for the Mets…

  • ChrisF

    They struggle relative to other rivals. Screw the Marlins, the problem is we lose ground against the Braves who beat them even more.

  • Woodrow

    Changes are coming. Davis,Conforto, McNeil and Smith how many will be here next year? Who is likeliest to go? Likeliest to stay?

  • ChrisF

    The toxicity of the Alderson years is unmistakable. Whether it be pervasively abyssmal treatment of women, bringing in mysogenistic creeps, failing to act, allowing major clubhouse unreast, and most of all losing nonstop, the hallmark of failure surrounds the Alderson years.

    Time. To. Go.

    He’s a lousy GM/President and a lousy baseball guy. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    • TexasGusCC

      Sir, capital letters is a violation of our comment policy.

      • ChrisF

        Youre funny Gus.

        • TexasGusCC


    • Mike W

      And now Zack Scott got busted for drunk driving.

  • TexasGusCC

    Alderson finally lands Brad Hand…

  • ChrisF

    The toxic environment of the Alderson years needs to end immediately. Cohen swept the forst garbage out the door, now its time to finish the job. All managers and front office got to go.

    A bit late to the party, but more significant is Ken Rosenthal’s aretl in The Athletic yesterday entitled:

    “To end their culture or toxicity and regain credibility, the Mets need to make sweeping changes”

    Its a frontal assault on the inexcusable legacy of the Alderson regime in Queens.

    • TexasGusCC

      I know it’s trendy to beat on Alderson, but today I saw a snipet on SNY where Dan Duquette said that basically all these guys Alderson brought in, he didn’t know but went on advice of people in the industry because a front office needed to be put together quickly. The people Alderson knew from before, Depodesta, Riccardi, and those other guys, didn’t cause any problems.

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