After using six relievers on Saturday and five on Sunday, the Mets’ bullpen was in sad shape, even with carrying nine relievers. But back-to-back blowouts in San Diego were actually a good thing for the pen, as only two relievers were used in each game. The Mets enter Wednesday’s game with five relievers having had two days off – Edwin Diaz, Seth Lugo, Adam Ottavino, Stephen Nogosek and Adonis Medina. If Buck Showalter can keep the reliever usage to 2/3 per game, rather than 5/6, that will be a good thing. It’s why having multiple relievers capable of going two or more innings twice a week is a desirable configuration.

It will be curious to see how Showalter handles the pitching roles once Tylor Megill is activated. Does he go back to the rotation or do they put him in the bullpen to save innings? If he goes to the rotation, does David Peterson or Trevor Williams get bumped? And does the bumped pitcher go to the minors to remain stretched out as a starter or do the Mets remove an existing reliever? If it’s the latter, is it one of the three rookies who’ve already ridden the shuttle back and forth to Syracuse this season or is Joely Rodriguez?

Are there enough dangerous lefty hitters to make carrying two lefty relievers worthwhile? Both Rodriguez and Chasen Shreve have done a good job when they have the platoon advantage. But when push came to shove and the Mets needed a reliever to pitch in a clutch situation on Sunday, Showalter opted for Medina over either of the lefties. Medina was the most-rested option of the three and perhaps that was the only factor that mattered. Or perhaps it was an acknowledgment that with the game on the line and good hitters due up, that the rookie was a better bet to close the game out.

And if Medina was the best option to face Mookie Betts, Freddie Freeman and Trea Turner – isn’t he the best option to keep when Megill gets activated?

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  • David Groveman

    Maybe both teams should be warned at the start of each games vs. the Mets to dissuade pitchers from hitting batters.

    The Mets are being hit in 69% of games played, almost 10% more than the next most frequently plunked team (Baltimore 60%). Meanwhile the Dodgers have only been hit by pitches in 22% of their games.

    To be fair… The Dodgers were hit in 61% of their games last year.

  • Wobbit

    I know I’m down on Dave Peterson these days, but I’m in favor of making the guy put up or shut up. In other words, when called upon as a starter, throw strikes and go five innings. If not, go the bullpen, where I think he can have tremendous value. If that is out of the question (for reasons I would have to be explained), then let him got AAA hitters out, something that will not really help the team at all. Because it isn’t a physical issue with Peterson… it’s a mental thing, a confidence thing. I’m afraid he is fast becoming Steven Matz… Let him redefine himself in the pen, help the team here and now, and maybe gain a starring role on this club. He can always be used as a spot “starter” down the road, but we might not need that.

    Just to be clear… Trevor Williams is far superior to Peterson, and almost every other pitcher in the pen… he throws strikes reliably!

  • Wobbit

    One more post before I shut up (I have Covid):
    I saw that the Braves are in a 22 game stretch of playing the Nationals, the Snakes, the Rockies, the A’s, the Pirates, the Nats again, and the Cubs.
    And that follows two series with the Marlins around one the Phillies. No wonder they are getting well, and may continue to.

    Let’s hope it softens them up…

    • T.J.

      Feel better Mr. Wobbit.

      I do agree with your assessment of Williams and Peterson. Throwing strikes matters. Both are valuable players when used most properly.

  • BoomBoom

    Losing Alonso and Marte for a long period of time would be the biggest test we’ve faced yet. The offense has been carrying the team since Max went down and no one more so than Pete. Marte has been extremely valuable as well.

    I’m expecting Marte out for at least 2 weeks, maybe more. Hopefully with Pete it will be a day to day thing, but I’d just as soon put him on the 10 day and bring Dom up to see what a week and a half of regular ABs can do. Otherwise, we’ll see Khalil Lee and Nick Plummer DH’ing with JD at First. A shame to lose two right handed bats. That really hurts.

  • Mike W

    I wanted to throttle Darvish when he hit Alonso.

    Does anyone know Alonso’s status ?

    • TexasGusCC

      X-Rays were negative= no break. Marte on IL, Khalil Lee is up.

  • Wobbit

    Just saw that the Phillies also have eleven games coming up against AZ, Wash, and Texas. Not exactly a gauntlet. Mets can find themselves in a much tighter race in two weeks.

    Bassett needs a reboot. Can he and the catchers work out the signals? They’ve been less than smooth for three or four games now.

    I’m just cranky.

  • Metsense

    When Megill gets back then Williams should stay in the rotation and Peterson should be the long reliever. As everyone is saying, Peterson needs to throw strikes. Peterson has a career BB/9 4.2 rate and 4.6 this year whereas Williams has a 1.7 rate this year. That alone is three runners more on the bases every game. The rule of thumb is that 4.0 BB/9 or more rate then you will not be a successful major league pitcher. Peterson has to learn to trust his stuff and throws strikes.
    Both Shreve and Rodriguez are not reliable. Basically 1 of every 3 appearances they give up a run. Both should be upgraded if possible.
    Too bad Peterson, a lefty, can’t throw strikes and replace one of them.

    • TexasGusCC


  • deegrove84

    Putting this where it belongs. (Apologies to Brian)

    If the Mets are weighing this option they have a unique opportunity at hand. They could have Jacob deGrom and Max Scherzer have their rehabs cycle through Binghamton and allow the team’s Aces to audition Alvarez to see where he is in terms of being ready to call games.

    I think the Mets cannot afford to have a daily lineup slot going to Nido/Mazeika or even McCann when he gets back. For what it’s worth, Brett Baty, Francisco Alvarez and Ronny Mauricio are likely ready to leave AA behind.

    • Metsense

      Alvarez belongs in AAA. Heck, he belongs in the majors, at least until McCann is healthy. This this season the Mets can afford Nido and McCann in the lineup. The experience would do him good.
      The least they can do is promote him to Triple-A and let him catch Scherzer and deGrom their rehab starts. Good idea David.
      Baty should get a promotion but Mauricio I’m not so sure yet.

    • Brian Joura

      I like the idea of having Alvarez catch JDG and Scherzer in the minors, whether that’s at AA or AAA.

      This weekend, the Blue Jays called up Gabriel Moreno, their top catching prospect and one who was ranked higher than Alvarez on some lists before the season started. The Blue Jays lead the AL Wild Card standings and they’re not afraid to throw a rookie into the mix. Is Alvarez ready for the majors? Maybe, maybe not. I don’t care what the decision is – as long as it’s based on merit and not on the rationale of “we’re not going to use a rookie in a pennant chase.”

      • Bob+P

        Agree that catching Jake and Max in the minors makes a lot of sense, and also that any promotion should be based on merit and not just the fact that he’s a rookie. I don’t know whether Alvarez is ready for the majors or not, and I’ll leave that to the Mets to decide, but if at this point in his development he would only be marginally better than the 3 guys we have, then I would think he would be better off continuing his development in the minors.

  • deegrove84

    The next level of this quandary has to do with Wilson Contreras vs. Francisco Alvarez. There is no doubt in my mind that for 2022, the best possible catcher for the Mets playoff hopes in Contreras, who I just voted into the All Star Game. The question the Mets need to ask themselves is, “Is a Wilson Contreras rental worth giving up a Top 5 prospect?”

    Taking a look at the Cubs system they have OF depth making the secondary names of Nick Plummer and Khalil Lee less appealing. When it comes to a trade, I tend to think that the Top four Mets should be off the block anyway even if the Cubs add David Robertson in to sweeten the pot. This leaves the only realistic trade candidate for the Mets to offer as Mark Vientos. The Cubs may have Patrick Wisdom as their thirdbaseman but Vientos could become a regular position player splitting time between 3B/1B/DH.

    Unfortunately, I don’t see him being quite enough to entice Chicago when the Mets won’t be the only team in on the bidding. The only other player the Mets can realistically offer the Cubs who would be of obvious value would be Hayden Senger. The Cubs get a player who can slot in as their backup backstop after the season and a player with great power and lefty-smashing potential.

    Does anyone else have thoughts with what a Contreras package might look like. As fantasy GM I’m offering the Cubs:

    Mark Vientos + Thomas Szapucki + Hayden Senger for Wilson Contreras + David Robertson

    I’m also making this deal sooner than later as I want the Nido/Mazeika tandem out of the lineup ASAP.

    • Brian Joura

      My guess is the Cubs say no. The 2nd & 3rd players just aren’t worth anything, the type of guys you pick up in the offseason for free after their original team non-tenders them. At the same time, given that the Mets just paid for a rental last year makes me think they’re not likely to do it again. Would like to see Contreras in a Mets uniform but I just don’t see it happening.

      Maybe Alvarez can go 2015 Conforto for the team. That would be nice.

    • Metsense

      The Mets are going to win the division anyway so Contreras isn’t needed.
      I’m all in on the 2015 route concerning Alvarez.
      I don’t think that they will give up a top #5 prospect for a rental, and they shouldn’t .
      They are getting Scherzer, deGrom and May ( yes even May) back and the schedule will get easier (especially September) .
      They are in a great position and can be very choosy at the deadline and leverage their position.

  • Wobbit

    I don’t feel Contreras makes enough of a difference to give up much. If we need the catcher’s spot in the batting order to produce, we’re toast anyway… McCann and Nido are fine defensively, and their .240/.300/.375 works for me… especially if Nido can keep laying down bunts.

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