Buck Showalter hinted yesterday that there was a plan in place with how to handle the series with the Braves this weekend with Hurricane Ian bearing down and likely to have a big impact in Georgia.

MLB needs to be fair to the Braves. This is a huge series and they deserve to play it at their stadium if at all possible. The thing is, MLB has only one day to play with because that’s all there is between the end of the regular season and the beginning of the playoffs. Also, it’s not fair if the Mets-Braves loser has to start the Wild Card round without a day off.

My hope is that they have some backup plan in place. The last thing any of us should want is a doubleheader played in poor conditions and a makeup game once the regular season is over.

Hope you don’t mess it up, MLB.

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  • Woodrow

    It seems like whoever wins the series wins the Division.Mets pitching is set up just like they would want. The team was set up with idea that DeGrom Scherzer could lead them to the promised land. If it doesn’t work this weekend can it work in a three game longer playoff run?

  • Brian Joura

    Certainly, my hope is that it works this weekend. But anything can happen in one game, a three, five or seven-game series. I’d rather have Jacob deGrom and Max Scherzer than Bryce Elder but Mr. Elder just threw a complete game shutout.

    Making up numbers and pulling them from my hat — Elder may have just a 1 in 10 shot of winning but if he comes thru and wins — what are you going to do? There’s no reason Adeiny Hechavarria should hit, there’s no reason that three rookies should come up and all excel and there’s no reason that Elder should be fantastic. But this type of stuff happens all of the time.

    I’d rather have good players and go to war with the better team. Again, making up numbers, if Scherzer has a 7 in 10 shot of winning, I’d rather go forward with him than some other guy with a 1 in 10 shot.

    These guys aren’t machines and they aren’t able to just give you guaranteed results. All you can do is assemble your best and hope they perform close to their true ability.

    When the Braves won 14 division titles in 15 years, they won the World Series once. The Dodgers have won their division eight times in the previous nine seasons and the one time they didn’t – they won 106 games. They have won the World Series once.

    The best team doesn’t always win.

    In 1969, you would have wanted Cleon Jones or Tommie Agee up in a big spot. But Al Weis comes thru in the World Series. That’s part of the bargain – that anyone wearing the uniform has the chance to be the hero and the chance to be the goat. Sometimes you’re celebrating because Al freakin’ Weis comes thru and sometimes you’re crying because Matt Harvey gives up two runs in the ninth after pitching eight shutout innings.

  • Mike W

    Hopefully, the Mets win tonight and the Braves lose. That one game is huge because, if the Mets only won one game against the Braves, and in the event of a tie after game 162, the Mets would be granted the division title because of winning the season series against the Braves.

  • Metsense

    Breaking News 10 minutes ago: Alvarez is called up. I guess the Mets have enough of Ruf and Vientos as the RHB at DH. the Mets haven’t confirmed it yet.

  • Aging Bull

    I would like to see the Mets do this for their pre-game routine. Even better would be if Nimmo were leading it. https://twitter.com/jomboymedia/status/1575912209862885376?s=21&t=Pl7177JwWXNuM-FDKvXbQQ

    • Metsense

      I’m still laughing. I pictured Alonso leading them. He a little boy and he embraces that sophomoric behavior. Showalter would not permit it on his watch. But thank you for sharing it and yes I’m still laughing!

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