I read earlier that Francisco Alvarez, while not on the 40-man roster at the end of August, could still be eligible for the playoffs if he replaces an injured player. Have no idea if that’s true. But let’s say it is and he replaces Brett Baty. Should the Mets put Alvarez on the playoff roster? The roster can reset later, so the players on the roster for the Wild Card round against the Padres won’t necessarily be on the squad in the World Series. So, how about this for a Wild Card roster?

C – Alvarez, Nido
INF – Alonso, McNeil, Escobar, Lindor, Guillorme, Vientos
OF – Canha, Nimmo, Naquin, Gore
DH – Vogelbach, Smith
SP – deGrom, Scherzer, Bassitt
RP – Diaz, Ottavino, Lugo, Smith, Givens, Williams, Peterson, Rodriguez, Megill

James McCann is an offensive liability and there’s no reason Nido can’t catch three straight games in the opening round. Rookies Alvarez and Mark Vientos both make the initial playoff roster, hoping one of them can provide a righty bat. Who’s that Smith? Why, old pal Dominic Smith! Assuming Starling Marte is still not recovered enough to play, Tyler Naquin gets forced into the starting lineup and Smith replaces him as lefty batter off the bench.

Since the Wild Card is at most three games, there’s no reason to carry more than three starters. Yes, we could bump one of those to the bullpen but here we opt not to and instead reward Joely Rodriguez and Trevor Williams for being on the roster all year.

Hopefully the Mets advance past the team that beat them in the regular season. If so, we can discuss what the roster will look like for the following round at a later date.

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  • BoomBoom

    Wondering if there will be a unique thread dedicated to revisiting predictions for the year. I think had a couple good ones to brag about. 🙂

  • BoomBoom

    I like the roster you suggest here. And wouldnt it be so sweet for Dom to have an impact in the playoffs? That would be storybook stuff.

  • BobP

    I mostly like the roster you’ve proposed. I would probably replace Megill with Walker, mainly to use in case a starter gets knocked out early (2nd or 3rd inning). The other change I’m thinking about, and I can’t believe I’m saying it, is possibly including McCann instead of Vientos. The reason would be to be able to pinch hit for Nido, assuming Alvarez is the RH DH although I’d have to give that some more thought.

  • ChrisF

    I Start Scherzer for the SD series and let Jake heal. His last two clunkers offer little confidence that him starting a series is special news. We go for the win in 2 games and let Jake lead off the Dodger series.

    Padres Dodgers and Braves just to get to the Astros or Yankees.

    Ive heard better news in my days

    • BoomBoom

      Has anyone looked at the fact that DeGrom’s struggles seem to have started when he started mixing in more pitches? He lost control of his fastball and slider combo the more he started playing with the curveball and changeup. Maybe that will serve him in the long run, but I wonder if he scraps it and just goes back to being a two pitch dominator for the playoffs.

  • Metsense

    Very thoughtful roster complication for the three game series against the Padres.
    In game #1 an #2 the Padres will have a RHP started therefore Vogelbach will start as DH and Alvarez or Vientos will be available to PH when LHP Harder closes. Game #3 LHP Snell starts and Alvarez starts at DH. That only leaves Vientos and Gore as the RHB on the bench. McCann isn’t a improvement to Gore and Gore’s speed could influence the game as a PR. Naquin (534), Guillorme (574) and Smith (554) have a better OPS against LHP than McCann (325) or Gore (000). Ruf has a 753 OPS though. McCann hasn’t a role in this series.
    So Ruf, if healthy, would be the statistical choice instead of Smith.
    Also either Naquin or Guillorme will be on the bench as a LHB PH to replace Smith as the LHB PH.
    If no Ruf and Marte then Smith and Gore. Just Ruf then no Smith. Just Marte then no Smith. If Ruf and Marte then no Smith and Gore.
    Walker should make the roster in case there is a need for a long man in game #3. Walker is better than Williams or Megill and he would be rested. Williams has had his problems lately. Williams pitches Wednesday so it eliminates him for this series. Carrasco hasn’t a role in this series either. Megill is choice.
    As I said, it is a good roster compilation Brian.

  • Brian Joura

    Wild Card start times:

    Fri: 8:07, ESPN
    Sat: 7:37 ESPN
    Sun: 7:37 ESPN (if necessary)

  • Woodrow

    Three catchers,Nido starts all games but migh PHed in late innings,Alvarez RH DH and PH,McCann comes in if Mido is taken out. 11 pitchers should be enough.

  • Footballhead

    Good thinking regarding the SD series from Other, and the follow up replies. I would think though, that McNeil will be in the OF and Guillorme will be at 2B. After today, I think Williams will be left off the roster this weekend. Also, I would prefer Walker instead of Megill. I’m thinking that’s why Buck pulled him early yesterday. I agree that McCann will be off the roster, except he might be the 26th man. If he gets in any of the games though, that would be a bad sign.

  • Mike W

    Ouch, thrilled with the second most wins in team history, but the Braves matched them and won the tie breaker.

    If they only would have lost last night in a close game, we would have been the division winner.

    The short series against the Padres worries me. Let’s hope we get past them.

  • TexasGusCC

    Didn’t the Mets lose the series they hosted in New York against the Padres? Since then, the Padres added Juan Soto and still the Mets are planning on “saving” an ace for Los Angeles? That’s weird to me. Surprised that Tuijuan Walker hasn’t pitched since last week. Is he being saved for Game 2? I heard the Mets game on Sunday can be moved to 4:30? Anyone else hear that?

    On the roster: Why do we expect Dominic Smith, who wasn’t called up after the AAA season finished, to now be on the playoff roster? While I agree that the player roster has alot of blanks where bullets belong, I don’t see how they can add Smith. Too, the Padres have four quality lefties in their pen and one of them is Josh Hader. Load up on righties, and if Ruf can play, I give him the nod over Vientos. Vientos looks like a rookie right now and there isn’t time for learning. Too, McCann over Alvarez and it is not even a question. Have we forgotten what defense means behind the plate? I mean, really?

    Lastly, the best lineup from the healthy bodies has Guillorme at 2B and McNeil in RF. I guess Vogey can DH by default, but Naquin hasn’t been reliable and let’s not start with the rookies. Put your best out there and go for it. No regrets later, and no teaching in this moment. If you had an Arrezeoni that played a month, ok, but a couple of games? Showalter would get fried.

    Here come the bright lights. Seeing how they flopped the dress rehearsal last week, I’m worried.

    • TexasGusCC

      Sorry, missed that Walker started yesterday. Whatever happened to the edit feature that gave us five minutes’ grace? Been gone for over a week.

  • Brian Joura

    Martino reports that Alvarez and Marte on roster for Wild Card series. Ruf, too.

    • TexasGusCC

      Good. Thats the best roster.

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