Reyes: Ready, willing, able

New York Mets manager Jerry Manuel has stated early in Spring Training that he is contemplating moving Jose Reyes to the number three spot in the lineup — at least until Carlos Beltran returns from offseason knee surgery.

Reyes who has balked at such a move in the past seems more receptive to the idea this time around. Is this is a good move for the Mets? Yes.

With Beltran out of the lineup the Mets need to find another player to drive in runs and, unless Omar Minaya pulls off a last minute trade, they will need to look within for a solution. Reyes has proven he can drive in runs. He has 50 or more RBI in four straight seasons, including 81 in 2006. He was also on pace to do the same in 2009 before being lost for the season with a leg injury.

The Mets don’t need Reyes to suddenly become a 30-HR hitter, they just need for him to continue to drive the ball into the gap to drive in runs. With Angel Pagan or Luis Castillo, two contenders for the leadoff spot, Reyes should be able to fill the void in the middle of the Mets lineup.

Let’s face it, after three straight disappointing seasons, the Mets need to shake things up. If Reyes proves to be ineffective batting third they can move him back to the leadoff spot. Reyes, Beltran, Wright and Bay would give the Mets a potent middle of the order.

2 comments for “Reyes: Ready, willing, able

  1. February 22, 2010 at 6:40 am

    If the Mets make this move, I want to see them commit to it. When Beltran comes back, I want to see them keep Reyes as a 3rd hitter. I just feel like we shouldn’t jerk Reyes around. What’s the point of making a big move like this for a month or two?

  2. John Strubel
    February 22, 2010 at 8:30 am

    I like the idea. If Reyes stays healthy and becomes a positive influence as a No. 3 hitter, leave him in the spot. That being said, the decision is also dependent on if Pagan and/or Castillo can be a lead-off hitter. That is the greater question, in my opinion. If all that works for the best, when Beltran returns, let him get hot, then trade him before the deadline for pitching (if the Mets are winning).

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