“It’s Tuesday, Game 5 of the Rangers-Rays ALDS series; the winner plays on, the loser is done. It’s 1-1, two out, none on, top of the fourth. Nelson Cruz, who has good legs (37 stolen bases the last two seasons) hits one to deep left-center . . . then stands admiring his blast.

The ball smacks the wall and rolls free. Of course, it does.

As reader Michael Weisbrod writes, ‘Rusty Staub would have had a triple’ — standing, too, brother. But Cruz, as in cruise, pulls up at second. On TBS, Buck Martinez and Ron Darling swat Cruz for choosing style over winning baseball.

But what does it matter what any of us think? This is how the game is now played. It’s played with an obdurate attitude and logic-defying stubbornness. We’re supposed to have gotten over it by now. It’s baseball being Manny. That’s just how it is, OK?

No, it’s not OK, and, until spikes are removed from the bottoms of baseball shows, it never will be okay.”

Phil Mushnick raging against showboating.

Source: New York Post


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