Mets Card of the Week: 1974 Topps Bob Apodaca Error


I’m in medical publishing, so I know a thing or two about printing errors.

I recall running a cover once that referred to “resluts” instead of “results.”

And we all know that it is bad enough to slut once. But to reslut?

This was such a signal mistake that we developed a rallying cry around it, for use when faced with future errors: “At least it’s not ‘resluts’!”

Now, I understand that Topps likely had a lot on its mind when it was prepping the 1974 baseball issue.

This was going to be their first-ever “all cards in one series” set, so I’m sure that occasioned some profound changes in workflow.

Plus, there were rumblings out in San Diego that the Padres were moving to DC.

As a result, Topps opted to produce some of the Padres’ cards in the initial 1974 print run with a generic DC team name: Washington “Nat’l Lea.” Quotes included.

I’ve always wondered why they didn’t do this for all of the Padres’ cards, given the fact that the whole series was released simultaneously. Their failure to do so deprived the world of a Dave Winfield Washington “Nat’l Lea.” rookie variation, which would have been sweet.

So with all this turmoil in the air, it’s no surprise that Topps had a little problem with our friend Bob Apodaca here, spelling his name initially as “Apodaco.”

At least it’s not “resluts”!

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