Mets will fight to the bitter end

There have been grumblings over the years about the Mets lack of fight. Once they get to around late August or September, they seem to give up on themselves. It can even be argued if they are losing a game by about five runs, they begin to give up. They come up to the plate with their body language screaming, “Go ahead and pitch. We have no chance anyway”.

Enter the new 2011 New York Mets. This team does not say die at any point. The first half was a long battle. They entered the season without their ace, Johan Santana. They lost two huge players in David Wright and Ike Davis. Despite being without their big guys, they have managed to play hard and win when they should have lost. They’ve also lost when they should have won. This has not deterred the team from coming into every game fighting for their season.

The Mets have lost another big player: Carlos Beltran. There is no questioning the impact he had on this team during this season. He helped them team fight to remain within seven to eight games of playoff contention amid trade rumors and injuries to other players. The role of a leader was definitely taken on by Beltran on the field. A true leader leads by example. Beltran has done just that with his bat and his glove. Now, he is no longer with the team. They still need to press on without him.

Press on they have.

This team has won two consecutive games without their six time All-Star. They are still in the heat of a race they still have a chance at. It does not matter how slim it is. The chance is still there. There is only 6.5 games standing between this team and a playoff berth. For a team with a motto like “Ya gotta believe”, there is no reason to give up on them. They clearly believe in themselves.

Mets GM, Sandy Alderson, has made it very well known, as has Terry Collins, giving up on this season is not an option. Despite the trade of Beltran to the San Francisco Giants, this team is under direct orders to go out and keep fighting for a season many believed to have been over. With the help of Justin Turner and Daniel Murphy, this team has become scrappy. The true New York type of mentality of fighting tooth and nail for what you want has become their mantra.

Some people want to give up on the season and just look at next year. They see how many games out of first place the Mets are and think it is over. They look at the Wildcard and see how many teams are ahead of them. I suggest you look at neither. The only team Mets fans should be looking at is the Atlanta Braves. If the Mets were to catch up to them, they have the Wildcard.

Mets fans, this team is not dead. They are very much alive. Believe it! They are showing you everything you have ever wanted in this team: from grit to passion to absolute confidence. If they believe in themselves, it only makes sense for you to do the same.

Here is what Willie Harris had to say to Mike Pelfrey in Wednesday’s game: “Let’s make the playoffs too and let’s beat Carlos Beltran in the playoffs.” He followed it with this to reporters, “I mean, how cool would that be? We trade our best hitter and then we send him home in the playoffs”. Ya gotta believe, Mets fans. Ya gotta believe! This team will fight to the bitter end. You are either with them or against them. Choose and stick with that decision to very end.

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