“Moneyball” opens in September, and this bit of Billy Beane hagiography is the first film ever to revolve around a minor character in ’80s Mets’ history.

But Hollywood being the recycling plant that it is, there are a few more such projects on the way:

“Tucker: The Man and His Dream” is the offbeat tale of Tucker Ashford and his recurring dream that he’s “like, falling and junk.”

“Legend of a Mind” finds Tim Leary taking massive amounts of LSD in a fruitless effort to raise his consciousness (and lower his ERA) to Seaver-like levels.

“D’yar Mill’er” is a documentary that explores the pitcher’s enduring obsession with Led Zeppelin.

See you at the movies!

5 comments on “Mets Card of the Week: 1986 Billy Beane

  • Paul

    “D’yar Mill’er”…Genius!

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  • Charlie Hangley

    “Fast Food Nation II,” starring former Mets’ farmhand Ron McDonald.

  • Brian Joura

    “Mo Money II” features brothers Damon (Buford) and Marlon (Anderson) running a scam where they convince management they can hit.

    • Doug

      OK, I’d pay to see that. Wait– guess I already did…

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