We all have our favorite Mets’ mannerisms.

As a child of the ’70s/’80s, here are some of the player tics and techniques that I would emulate in the Shea Stadiums of my backyard and my driveway and my mind:

Tom Seaver dragging his right knee across the downslope of the mound. And my mom wondered why I always needed patches for just one leg of my jeans.

Jerry Koosman‘s geometric leg kick was my favorite kind of math.

Tug McGraw thumping his mitt against his thigh. I brought this particular percussion to the mound in many a B-Minor Little League game.

Felix Millan choking up so much that he could’ve hit the ball with either end of his bat. I tried this once in a wiffle-ball game and knocked myself on the chin with the yellow plastic knob of the bat. Ouch.

• I assume that John Pacella ordered his hats 1/8 of a size too large, because try as I might, I could never shake my lid like him. Threw my glasses off my face a few times, but the hat stayed put.

Richie Hebner tugging at the back of his shirt. If I make myself do this now, it still feels kind of natural.

And then there was Tim Teufel‘s waggle. This card from the 1990 Leaf set does a great job of capturing intimations of the waggle. Hell, if you shake it just a bit from side to side, the card practically comes to life. And damn– my hip just twitched.

So what was your favorite Mets’ mannerism?

3 comments on “Mets Card of the Week: 1990 Tim Teufel

  • Brian Joura

    My favorite is Rusty Staub’s hands-on-hips pose that he used when he felt the ump missed a strike call.

    Bruce Boisclair’s impossibly wide stance.

    Josh Thole’s swing-the-bat, touch-the-plate pre-pitch routine.

    Least favorite:

    Angel Pagan’s cover face up on throw over to first base.

    R.A. Dickey’s TD call after every pitch to rearrange his jersey.

  • Charlie Hangley

    All time fave was Millan. Also, Willie Montanez flipping the bat from barrel-to-knob-to-barrel as he walked up to the plate.

    Now, my wife and I chant along with David Wright and his perfectly choreographed pre-swing routine: right-hand-batting-glove-velcro, left-hand-batting-glove-velcro, head twist, wipe-nose-with-front-of-jersey, back bend, hip waggle. NOW he’s ready!

  • Doug

    Brian, thanks for bringing some modern examples to the party. I was having a hard time thinking of any distinctive behavior on these current teams.

    Here’s hoping that there’s some kid out there who is doing the whole “right-hand-batting-glove-velcro, left-hand-batting-glove-velcro, head twist, wipe-nose-with-front-of-jersey, back bend, hip waggle” thing…

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