On Capuano, you seen him that good before?

“Oh, yeah. If you look at my numbers against him, he’s that good all the time. No, but that’s the first time I’ve seen him like that since he’s come back. His fastball was better and he was moving it in and out along with his changeup. He made his pitches, and when a guy like that that’s got a plus pitch – his changeup is a plus-plus pitch – and he made ‘em. There’s very little you can do.”

“He’s battled and battled over the last couple of years and worked his butt off to get back to this point. I heard that he’s had some rough outings over the last four or five starts, but sometimes you’ve got to go through that to find it again. Everybody always says, it’s gets worse before it gets better.”

“But he did, he looked great. Looked like the Capuano I saw when I first came into the league.”

“He was around 88-90 [mph] all night tonight, and his two-seamer had a lot of life to it. He threw me a couple late in the count that just froze me. And they caught no white. They were right on the black [edge of the plate].”

Dan Uggla, who is now 3-17 lifetime with 9 Ks versus Chris Capuano, as quoted in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution


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