I have to say that I have been quite unimpressed with David Wright lately. He does not hit. He is lacking in defense again. He looks as if he is defeated when he comes to the plate. In Sunday night’s game, the Cubs loaded the bases just to pitch to him because he was doing nothing all night. There were memories of Rey Ordoñez that kept going through my mind in the ninth and tenth inning.

So I have to wonder, does he have a future here?

What is Wright supposed to be? What is he being paid for? He is supposed to be the big bat of the New York Mets. Was he not supposed to be the younger version of Mike Piazza? (This is not to say he can be him because Piazza is irreplaceable.) However, he should have the same job description as Piazza: the clutch hitter. Many have said he is the “face of the franchise” and the “captain” of this team. If this is what the face of the franchise looks like, I think it might be time to find another team to root for. From where I stand, it seems like Jose Reyes is more the face of this franchise than Wright is.

I went to Sunday night’s game and heard fans actually saying they wanted Wright traded so that more money is taken off the payroll, re-sign Reyes and perhaps use Daniel Murphy at third base. Now we all know that is not going to happen, but it is not as if he cannot be replaced. We’ve been through this before. If you have to choose between Reyes and Wright, you take Reyes. He offers more.

Yet before you start packing his bags, think about this. The Mets organization is pretty much resigned to the fact they will be making changes to the outfield walls of some sort. With that said, it does change things. Those walls have been the death of quite a few players on this team. Wright has been robbed of quite a few home runs in left. So you can keep him providing he actually makes contact with the ball, something he does not seem to remember all that much how to do.

Something else to think about: David Wright is on pace to have his lowest batting average since coming to the big leagues. Was he not supposed to get better? His best year was 2009 with a .307 batting average. It was his lowest home run totals for the year at 10, with five at Citi Field and five on the road. Just some stats I would throw your way. Come to your own conclusions.

4 comments on “Is Wright’s future still with the Mets?

  • frank dantone

    I say “get rid of him” not only is he not hitting but it fielding has been pathatic, I hold my breath everytime he fieldfs and makes a throw to first base,,, He will never be a clutch hitter and he has had the opportunity on many ocassions to win a game for the Mets, but he keeps coming up short, It would be a perfect opportunity to play Daniel Murphy at third base, at least he can hit in the clutch,,,

  • John

    What has become apparent to me over the last three or four years is that David Wright is a good complimentary player but he is not capable of being “the guy”. In 2006 and 2007 Wright was surrounded by a lot of good players and had good seasons being a piece of the whole. As things started to slip in 2007 and then again in 2008 he began to struggle mightily he critical situations. The bigger the spotlight became the more his faults where exposed. And the more he pressed. Also since he was beaned in 2009 he has not looked the same.

    I think if Wright is in the correct situation, on a winning team with a lot of talent, I think Wright could become a very good player again, assuming the beaning hasn’t changed him for good. But the Mets are at least 2 years away from being a real contender again. And that is when Wright’s contract will be expiring. So I would suggest that the Mets look to see what they can get for Wright this offseason. There are two issues that fans will have to accept. If he is traded, his contract will expire at the end of next year so his value will be reduced and if he goes to a talent rich team, where he doesn’t have to be “the man” he will probably go back to his 2006-07 form. But I don’t think that will happen in New York.

  • Metsense

    The fact that this is the Mets third losing season in a row, five years since making the playoffs, 11 since a World Series and 25 since a world championship indicates that changes are due. There are few ways to improve this team other than trading Wright. The Mets have an adequate backup in Daniel Murphy and have no place to play Murphy otherwise.Lutz and even Satin are progressing at AAA at 3B. Wright’s hitting and fielding are regressing over the past few seasons. The Mets are playing losing ball with him. He is the most tradeable and could get the most value back. The Mets need to improve their pitching and a package featuring Wright and Pelfry and other pieces may generate a return of a front end starter and some bullpen help. Even with a healthy Santana and Davis back, this team would only be a few games above .500, and that is not the goal. I am a Wright fan but I am a Met fan more. It is time to turn the page on David Wright.

  • JJMooney

    The so called fans who post deserve what the MET’s deliver. This guy played with a broken back and since he has come back his numbers are good. Check the stats, over the course of his career including this year his clutch numbers are good.

    The last 5 years, what support did he have, Reyes, the hero never played, Beltran never played, Bay? Prior to Davis who manned first! Never had a player at second base. Never had anyone in left.

    Move him on for some prospect that amounts to nothing. Great plan.

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