What strange currency is this?

Better yet, which Bob Miller is this?

Is it Bob L. Miller, the RHP who went 1-12 with a 4.89 ERA for the ’62 Mets?

Or is it Bob G. Miller, the LHP who went 2-2 with a 7.08 ERA for the ’62 Mets?

Bob L. Miller rejoined the Mets in late ’73, having logged time with 8 other big-league clubs in the interim. He went on to pitch in 58 games for the team in ’74, going 2-2 with a couple of saves.

He belongs to a species that I call “kranepoolacanth,” which is specifically a player from the ’62 Mets who returned to the organization 10 or more years later, long after it was thought that players from the ’62 Mets had all gone extinct.

(I will save for another post my explication of Miller’s Constant, which states that all pitchers named Bob Miller who spend time with the Mets must end their careers by going 2-2 for the Mets. Don’t want to drop too much science on y’all in one sitting…)

These 1962 Salada Junket “coins” were plastic discs with paper photo inserts. They were distributed in packages of Salada tea and Junket pudding– the Mets’ discs are a bit scarce, as they were added to the set later in the production run.

And based on some detailed forensic research that I just did right now in the last 5 minutes, I’m going to say that this is Bob L. Miller…

One comment on “Mets Card of the Week: 1962 Bob Miller

  • Brian Joura

    According to George Vecsey’s book – Joy in Mudville – the two Bob Millers roomed together. “That way if somebody calls for Bob Miller, he’s bound to get the right one,” [road secretary Lou] Niss reasoned.

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