One of the wonderful things about baseball is how many people from all over the world play the game. MLB rosters have players from the U.S., Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Panama, Venezuela, Columbia, Australia, Korea and others.

Today’s trivia question is: Can you name the 11 players on the Mets’ all-time roster who were born in Japan? Leave your guesses in the comments section and I’ll give the answers next week.

3 comments on “Mets Trivia: International edition

  • juan gonzalez

    #1: masato yoshi #2: Tsuyoshi Shinjo #3: hideo nomo #4: kaz matsui
    #5: ryota igarashi #6: hisanori Takahashi #7:Ken Takahashi #8 Taiki Kawasaki

    thats all i could remember

  • Dan Stack

    Forgive the spelling if I mess up (I’m not bother getting checking that now), and I wont get them all but here goes:
    Masato Yoshii
    Shuyosi Shinjo
    Hideo Nomo
    Dae Kim Soo?? (you the one who git a triple of Randy Johnson)
    Kaz Matsui
    Ryota Igarashi
    Hisanori Takahasi

  • Brian Joura


    The first 7 listed by juan gonazlez are correct. He gets partial credit for #8, whose name was Takashi Kashiwada

    The other three are — Satoru Komiyama (the Japanese Greg Maddux!), Kaz Ishii and Shingo Takatsu.

    Dae-Sung Koo was from South Korea.

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