I was on my way downstairs the other day after a shower, when the path was interrupted by my 8-year old son.

“Here, I’ve got something for you,” he said, handing me a card.

Sebastian is not really a baseball fan. Gymnastics is his passion, and I have great admiration for his single-minded dedication to the sport.

Sure, he’ll indulge his dad in the occasional backyard catch, but his level of excitement is pretty consistent regardless of whether the ball is round or oblong.

Back when he was around 5, I gave him a 5,000-count box of cards, some football but primarily baseball. The cards are mostly mid ’90s vintage, and Sebastian dips into the box periodically to find Phillies to share with his best friend.

I stopped in my tracks when he gave me this flimsy piece of 1998 cardboard. “Alfonzo is one of my all-time favorite Mets!” I enthused.

I could see the dimples beginning to form in the wells of Sebastian’s cheeks, and at that specific moment, this soft-cornered Score Edgardo Alfonzo became one of my all-time favorite cards…

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