Are you familiar with the stat Defensive Runs Saved? You should be. Here’s a description, courtesy of Sports Illustrated writer Joe Posnanski:

“[T]he numbers determines (using film study and computer comparisons) how many more or fewer successful plays a defensive player will make than league average. For instance, if a shortstop makes a play that only 24% of shortstops make, he will get .76 of a point (1 full point minus .24). If a shortstop BLOWS a play that 82% of shortstops make, then you subtract .82 of a point. And at the end, you add it all up and get a plus/minus.”

This week’s trivia question is: Who led the 2011 Mets in Defensive Runs Saved with a +8 total?

Check back Wednesday for the answer. Also, if you like trivia questions, please go to the grey menu bar below the masthead and above the article title and click on the link that says “Trivia” to go to our archive.

One comment on “Mets Trivia: Who was the 2011 team’s best fielder?

  • Brian Joura

    And the answer is … R.A. Dickey!

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