A few weeks ago I ran across a TV listing for a documentary entitled “The Last Play at Shea.”

The Verizon channel guide gave the following vague and syntactically challenged description of the film: “A look is taken at the iconic Shea Stadium before it was torn down.”

So with visions of baseball and Beatles and football and papal visits dancing in my head, I set the DVR to record.

Well, much to my surprise, “The Last Play at Shea” turned out to be a Billy Joel concert movie/profile, with little nuggets of Shea history mixed in.

And if your Billy Joel tolerance levels are anything like mine, this is an unpardonable bait and switch.

I mean, damn, if your movie is going to contain extensive Billy Joel content, that fact should appear right in the title– say, “Billy Joel: The Final Shea Concert” or something like that.

Otherwise, it would be like me naming this post “1984 Topps Tom Seaver” and putting a picture of said card at the head of the piece, and then barely discussing the card at all…

3 comments on “Mets Card of the Week: 1984 Tom Seaver

  • Brian Joura

    My, my, my take a look at Doug BIG SHOT that he is. Although, I can tell you he spent a lot of time in ALLENTOWN of all places. Anyway, I hear he married an UPTOWN GIRL and they act out SCENES FROM AN ITALIAN RESTAURANT. Anyway, the worst part is that he sings his kid WE DIDN’T START THE FIRE every night before bed.

    Sorry, couldn’t resist…

    • Charlie Hangley

      YOU MAY BE RIGHT, Brian. It seems Doug doesn’t like Billy Joel; DON’T ASK ME WHY. Maybe it was too much SLEEPING WITH THE TELEVISION ON.

      I’d better be stop now: he may come at me with a STILETTO.

  • Doug

    Ah, make it stop– I can’t take the PRESSURE. You guys are ruining MY LIFE. I’m AN INNOCENT MAN, but I do have to admit that sometimes I GO TO EXTREMES…

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